TOP Decides To Enlist Privately

BIGBANG T.O.P Ultimately Decides To Enlist Secretly


T.O.P begins his military service as a conscripted policeman in 3 days and will start off with 4 weeks of basic military training at the Chungnam Nonsan Army Training Center. After the 4 weeks, he will spend the remainder of his military service as a policeman.

Earlier reports stated that YG Entertainment was still deciding on whether T.O.P would be meeting his fans, however, Star News has confirmed that T.O.P has decided to enlist secretly and away from the public’s eye based on a variety of factors that were not announced.

**Here are some top-voted comments below the article:

  1. My feeling right now 😭
    I will miss him so much 😭 im goin to miss bigbang as 5 😭😭 i will wait until 2021 for the 5 of you to be back 😭 GD&Taeyang will be enlisted this year too 😭 Daesung in 2018 and Riri in 2019 😦
    I love you kings.
  2. This reminds me when you talked about their enlistment and how much you wanted to attend their concerts when you were still a Bigbang trash.. When you wanted that bigbang fandom tattoo x)
    I can’t believe it’s happening 😣
  3. tomorrow is the Big Day. see you after 2years. After that you are a complete man.
  4. We all know the pain he suffering during his last performance we can see it in his eye that he doesn’t want to leave the VIP
  5. it may not be as quiet as he hopes for.. since everybody knows the date.. there’ll still be fans wanting to see him off, also medias as well..

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TOP says he refuses to meet BIGBANG members before joining the army

T.O.P has decided to secretly enlist for the mandatory military service on February 9 but has jokingly refused to see his fellow BIGBANG members before enlisting.

On February 7, T.O.P uploaded an Instagram post of the group while teasing them by stating that he won’t be meeting them before he enters the military.

“I miss my dongsengs, I’m not going to see them before enlisting because I’ll miss them too much :P” – BIGBANG T.O.P

In response, G-Dragon and Taeyang begged T.O.P in the comments to come around and see them before enlisting, where G-Dragon even called T.O.P a “monster” for his harsh (but playful) words.

G-Dragon: “You’re such a monster
G-Dragon: “Let’s meet! Please Facetime me at least, hyung!”

Taeyang: “Please meet us~ please..”

**Here are some top-voted comments below the article:

  1. Because maybe, He don’t want his brothers to get hurt and he don’t want to let his self down because if he can see them, Maybe he can’t go. He just can’t, He love them so much. It’s hard for him. 😢💘 #VIPlove
  2. i understand what he mean. This is so sad. Imma stream to big bang’s Mv, variety shows to overcome all this sadness till all 5 of them have finished their enlistment.
  3. I understand him, it will be harder for him if he will see his members. It’s only two years seunghyun, you can do it! Take care!
  4. I really feel you oppa, you don’t want to cry more 😭😭😭😭
  5. Not exactly your tone aye please … T.O.P misses his brothers so much 💚💙💖💜💜 he would deeply feel so missed thus he doesnt see them before he enlists .. GD and YG so eager to see him of course they love each other very very much ^ That s bigbang so strong brotherhood ya 😍😘💫


BIGBANG’s T.O.P Reveals Plans To Have Quiet Enlistment

 BIGBANG’s T.O.P plans to have a quiet enlistment.On February 6, a source from YG Entertainment stated that T.O.P plans to enlist in the military quietly with no official events planned for the day. He will be entering the Nonsan army training center on February 9, where he will go through his basic training requirements.

Despite this, many are expecting the training center to be flooded with fans and reporters from all over the world as both T.O.P and JYJ’s Kim Junsu will be entering the Nonsan army training center on the same day. Kim Junsu has also revealed that he plans to have a quiet enlistment.

T.O.P is the first member of BIGBANG to enlist in the military, and he is set to carry out his military requirements as a conscripted policeman in the special promotions unit.




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