“SONG MINHO will become the winner of TV shows anyway again?” Producer Nah Young-suk’s choice was right this time, too

His innocence seems to be more than extraordinary. SONG MINHO fully boasted his charming innocence in the first trip episode of tvN show “New Journey to the West 3”, which has been rounded off recently.

SONG MINHO drew keen attention when he was cast for the new season of “New Journey to the West” show along with Super Junior’s Kyuhyun. The show’s producer Nah Young-suk said, “I cast SONG MINHO and Kyuhyun, expecting that they will show the passion of the youth in the show”. 

However, SONG MINHO unveiled his friendly smile and innocent personality in the show rather than powerful and charismatic appeals that he has shown on the stage so far, as the youngest member of the cast for “New Journey to the West” show. Kang Ho-dong, one of the older cast members of the show, even said, “I missed Kyuhyun and MINHO the most after I came back from the trip”.

When the cast members arrived at the first hotel, SONG MINHO was so much surprised to see an open bathroom even without a sheet of curtain. Then, he was embarrassed once again, as he forgot the personal code number of his own suitcase. As SONG MINHO acted a little clumsily, the other members of “New Journey to the West” took special care of SONG MINHO, showing how caring and friendly they are. 

SONG MINHO’s innocent appeals did not stop there. He made a variety of fun remarks in all the games the cast members played during their journey. In the last episode of the first trip, SONG MINHO shocked everyone by giving wrong answers to every question of a proverb quiz. Then, he also gave wrong answers to multiplication questions, making everyone even say, “Stop pretending to be an idiot”.

Before that, SONG MINHO had won a table tennis match against Kyuhyun, overcoming his disadvantage in the beginning. The unexpected victory of SONG MINHO achieved thanks to Kyuhyun’s carelessness made viewers burst into big laughter at the most unexpected point, which is the biggest fun of “New Journey to the West” show. 

Producer Nah Young-suk’s choice of SONG MINHO, which seemed to be odd at first, has turned out to be proper. Viewers of “New Journey to the West” show are now paying keen attention to what kind of appeals SONG MINHO will boast in later episodes of “New Journey to the West 3”, along with the other members. 

Source: YG Life

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