G-Dragon Is The Reincarnation Of Sunny From “Goblin”


A post on an online community dating back to January 11 shows that the reincarnation of Kim Shin‘s sister Kim Sun is actually G-Dragon.

 Back on his V Live broadcast on September 7, G-Dragon looks like he is wearing the ring that is commonly seen throughout Goblin. The ring in Goblin symbolized Kim Sun and Wang Yeo‘s marriage in the past and re-appears in the present as Samshin holds it for 900 years, waiting for fate to reunite the two.
The ring looks very similar, if not identical to the one featured in Goblin, which means G-Dragon actually discovered the ring first before it became such an iconic item! Goblin’s first episode aired on December 2. G-Dragon also recently showed his love for Goblin, transforming into Kim Shin.
The ring was soon identified to be different from the one used in the drama but fans couldn’t believe that G-Dragon was spotted wearing such a unique item before the popular drama even began airing.
Here are some top-voted comments below the article:
– If he’s the reincarnation of Sunny, then I wouldn’t mind to be Grim reaper’s reincarnation! 😍 *I’m sorry Seungri-ya, he’s mine now* *nyongtory-shipper detected*
– OMG AHHAHAHAHA 😂 I’m the reincarnation of Sunny too. I have a ring similar to the one from goblin, my grandma gave it to me years ago saying I should wear it when I’m older 😂 the ring looks similar to this except instead of crystal flowers it has a silver lotus flower on it (http://bit.ly/2kjev3r)
  1. Lucky of u. 😊
  2. Wow really pretty
  3. Wow nice i like it….love the lotus flower style

– hahahahaaa, he just borrow that from Yoo In Na, thats YG family suweeeg

– Coincidence or not, GD is a trendsetter. King of Kpop & King of K High fashion 👑

Source: koreaboo.com


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