Lee Da Hae speaks up about her and Se7en’s love story


Lee Da Hae Spills The Details Of Her And Se7en’s Love Story On “Life Bar”

Actress Lee Da Hae revealed the beginnings of her relationship with singer Se7en on “Life Bar”!

On the February 2 episode of the tvN show, hosts Shin Dong Yup, Tak Jae Hoon, Kim Joon Hyung, and their new member Eric Nam welcomed their guest, Lee Da Hae for a candid conversation over drinks.

When the hosts cautiously began talking about Lee Da Hae’s relationship with Se7en, the actress was a good sport, and joked, “The fact that I’m dating the son of the convenience store (7-Eleven)? What’s there to say? It’s a truth everyone knows.”

Lee Da Hae then recalled how their relationship started and shared, “We’ve always known each other, but we weren’t close or in contact with each other. After he enlisted in the army, a common acquaintance called me one night saying he was drinking with Se7en and asked if I wanted to come.”

She added, “Back then I thought, ‘Se7en’? Drink with him?’ At that time, I saw Se7en from the same perspective as the public. It wasn’t a good image,” referring to a controversy the singer was embroiled in while he served in the army.

The actress remarked, “Thinking that way despite being a celebrity myself was unfair of me. I get upset when the public sees me that way, but in that situation I thought of him as the public did. That’s why I didn’t go meet them.”

She explained that they eventually met up later on on a different location. The hosts then exclaimed in happiness when she remarked, “I keep thinking that if I didn’t show up then, it would’ve been the biggest regret of my life.”

Lee Da Hae continued, “We were meeting up with many people. He contacted me, asking if he should pick me up since I was on the way. I wasn’t all that willing, but he picked me up and we stiffly greeted each other. We sat down [early] and no one else was coming yet, so it was quite awkward. He must have felt [that way] too, so he would look around, saying, ‘Why aren’t they here yet?’”

However, it was during that uncomfortable meeting that her impression of him began changing. She said, “Watching him sitting awkwardly, I started seeing him in a positive light. The more we spoke, the more I realized he was innocent and very cheerful, unlike what I thought. If I were in his situation, I wouldn’t be able to be as cheerful as he was. He was like an innocent child.”

The actress described how they helped each other as a couple and shared, “He also said many things that I wanted to hear. I’ve been there for him during his difficult times, but I received even more of his cheerful and optimistic energy at a time when I was also going through internal struggles.”

They sound like they have a great relationship!


Lee Da Hae reveals how she met her boyfriend Se7en

Lee Da Hae revealed her love story on the February 2 airing of ‘Life Bar‘!The actress appeared on a talk show for the first time since her dating news with Se7en in September of 2016. You know this means that she was given many questions about her lover. In response, Lee Da Hae coolly opened up about her relationship and shared juicy stories about their first encounter, “secret” vacations, paparazzi photos, and more.

Lee Da Hae first talked about how she met Se7en. She said, “I knew him but we weren’t close. After he returned from the military, a friend of mine who also knew Se7en called me and said she was with Se7en and asked me if I would like to join. I thought, ‘Se7en? Drink with Se7en?’ At the time, my thoughts were the same as the public. I thought this is not right. I’m also a celebrity but it was a selfish thought.”

However, Lee Da Hae ultimately decided to go out for drinks and said, “If I didn’t go out with that thought engraved in my mind, then I think it would’ve been a decision that I regret the most in my life.” She continued to express affection for Se7en, saying, “He said that I was a great support to him when he was struggling but he was to me as well. I wasn’t mentally relaxed and Se7en being the bright, positive guy was a big encouragement to me.”

Next, Lee Da Hae shared that her mother was a big help in strengthening their relationship. She revealed that Se7en wanted to meet her mother only little after they officially started dating. She explained, “He knows the rumors about himself so I think he wanted to give assurance to my mom. His thoughts were very beautiful.”

According to Lee Da Hae, when the news broke out, Se7en showed concerns and said, “Should we just say that we’re in the process of getting to know each other?” However, she responded, “Our relationship is only that?”, and emphasized that she wanted to be honest.

As for their paparazzi cuts taken at their “secret” but not-so-secret vacation, Lee Da Hae said, “We even did the ticketing separately and chose local airports. We got on the same airplane but there weren’t any Koreans. The flight attendants were also foreigners. He was sitting a far but I called him over and we took selcas and played around. But it turned out that one of the flight attendants was friends with a Korean reporter.”

Furthermore, she also talks about the sponsor and prostitution rumors. You read it here! How about Korean’s reaction? Click here and here.


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