Zion.T talks about his admiration for Teddy in interview

On February 1, Zion.T released his new album ‘OO’.  Immediately upon its release, title song “The Song” topped the music charts which was no surprise as many people are fans of Zion.T.

Signed under Teddy Park’s ‘Black Label’, a subsidiary of YG Entertainment, Zion. T recently sat down with Sports Seoul for an exclusive interview.

Q: You moved to a new agency ‘Black Label’, what has changed?

Many people think that much has changed with moving to a new agency, however, the overall music-making staff and producers are all the same.  What has changed is the fact that I can now make my own music freely.

Q: It seems your music style has changed?

There is some pressure to a degree.  With switching labels, and with the atmosphere changing, I felt pressured in thinking: would people accept my music? How will they perceive it and similar sentiments?

Q: How were you able to make a comeback in such a short period of time?

In the past, I was well received due to the rarity in the hip-hop culture.  There weren’t that many hip-hop vocalists then.  I got many offers from other artists but now I feel like completion is more important.  I will continue to make music with passionate people until it is completed.

Q: How would you compare YG’s Yang Hyun Suk to Teddy from Black Label?

I’ve only met Yang Hyun Suk a few times.  He’s like the sunlight to me, giving me energy from afar.  With Teddy, I see him as a role model; someone I admire.  I had been a huge fan of him ever since I was little.  He supported me while I was producing my album.  He has a discerning eye and is someone that I can trust and rely on.

Q: Is Teddy the reason you decided to move to Black Label?

I’ve known the staff at Black Label for a while. We naturally just came to work together.

Credit: allkpop.com


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