Yang Hyun Suk’s Wife Lee Eun Joo Makes Appearance On “Infinite Challenge”


Viewers of “Infinite Challenge” were surprised to see Lee Eun Joo, wife of YG Entertainment’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk, appearing on this week’s episode.

On the April 30 broadcast of the show, Sechs Kies member Lee Jae Jin sits down for a barbecue dinner with his younger sister Lee Eun Joo. This episode marks the final part of the Sechs Kies reunion special.

Lee Jae Jin expresses his affection towards his sister, saying, “Ever since our parents passed away, I’ve had no one but Eun Joo and our nephews by my side.”


Supporting his brother’s reunion with his groupmates, Lee Eun Joo cheers him on, “I hope you’ll enjoy and have fun while performing.”

Meanwhile, Yang Hyun Suk and Lee Eun Joo started dating in 2001 and welcomed their first child Yoo Jin in 2010. Yang Hyun Suk previously explained why they never had a wedding ceremony.

Source: soompi.com


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