Masta Wu (ft Dok2 & Bobby)’s ‘Come Here’

Masta Wu Releases Music Video for “Come Here” Feat. Dok2 and Bobby

Veteran rapper Masta Wu has made his comeback with the release of his music video for his latest song, “Come Here” featuring Dok2 and Bobby.

Yg Entertainment had hinted at this special collaboration as one of their special hip hop project groups. After G-Dragon x Taeyang released their “Good Boy” collaboration single, it is now time for this rap collaboration to make its way to the hip hop scene.

Masta Wu had worked with Dok2 and Bobby before on the hit audition program, “Show Me the Money.”


Masta Wu Tops Music Charts with “Come Here” Feat. Dok2 and Bobby

Masta Wu has made a successful return to the music scene with the help of YG Entertainment‘s rising hip-hop star, Bobby, and hip-hop label Illionaire‘s producer/rapper Dok2.

After dropping the addictive song at midnight on December 2, Masta Wu has topped major music charts with “Come Here” that marks his first release in six years. As of November 2 at 1 p.m., the song ranks first on Genie, Mnet, Bugs, Soribada, and Naver. In addition, the track has made it to the competitive Top 10 on various other music charts.

“Come Here” has been co-produced by YG’s hit producers Teddy andChoice37, while the lyrics have been penned by the talented rappers themselves.

Masta Wu will hold his first live stage for “Come Here” at the 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards on December 3.


“YG Hiphop Project 2” MASTA WU, BOBBY & DOK2 on 2014 MAMA

YG Entertainment’s 2nd Hiphop Project MASTA WU, DOK2 and BOBBY will be appearing at the 2014 MAMA.

CJ E&M, the host of the event, told on Dec 1, “The three who appeared on ‘Show Me the Money 3,’ –BOBBY, MASTA WU and DOK2—will be showcasing a special performance at the 2014 MAMA to be held in Hong Kong World Expo Arena.”

Included the single album to be released at 0 hour of Dec 2, their new track “COME HERE” will be showcased for the first time at the 2014 MAMA.

The music video will be unveiled at the same time—0 hour of Dec 2.

The 2014 MAMA will be unveiling many of the top artists. Starting from Seotaiji to John Legend, top artists from the world will be present at the awards night. The event is to take place on Dec 3.


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