YG Entertainment States that Psy is Still Working to Improve ′Daddy′

Psy′s agency stated that it is still working on Daddy.

YG Entertainment stated on December 1 to Newsen, “The reports that state that Psy′s new song Daddy is being dropped is not true. We are still working on Daddy.”

The rep continued, “We refilmed the music video for Daddy two weeks ago. Psy is working hard to increase the quality of the music.”

Daddy, known as Psy′s upcoming new song, was highlighted, especially with the cameo appearance of Jung Woo Sung, 2NE1′s CL, and Hwang Min Woo. According to music industry affiliates, Psy′s new song is set for a release in early 2015.

Psy will be holding his Psy Concert All Night Stand 2014 at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Gymnasium on December 19, December 20, December 21, and December 24.


YG, “PSY’s ‘DADDY’ additional M/V filming-Out early Next Year”

World star PSY is continuously working on his new album that will be released early next year.

YG Entertainment’s personnel told Star News on Dec 1, “PSY was supposed to unveil his new album featuring a song called ‘DADDY,’ but he is putting much effort in the album he is releasing for the first time in a while, so it’s been delayed.”

They added, “PSY is working on the album under the plan that it will be released early next year. There are a few songs he has made already.”

“Some people said that he has given up on ‘DADDY,’ but that’s not true. Just 2 weeks ago there was an additional filming to make it even better, so that proves it. There has been some misunderstanding on this issue.”

“Including ‘DADDY,’ he will be filming around 2 to 3 music videos. When PSY releases his album, he will unveil the M/V of ‘DADDY’ to the fans all across the world.”

He started filming the music video this summer, and South Korea’s top actor Jung Woo Sung and the “little PSY” from “GANGNAM STYLE” are to feature. The upbeat song was already filmed in Busan’s yacht arena and Everland.

Releasing the mega-viral “GANGNAM STYLE” in July 2012, he climbed up to #2 on Billboard’s main chart HOT 100. It was the first video to hit 2 billion views on YouTube, which certainly helped him rise to stardom. The M/V is still the most viewed one on YouTube.

April last year his single “GENTLEMAN” came up, surpassing 700 million hits. In June this year “HANGOVER” was released, hitting over 100 million hits in just one month.

Starting from Dec 19 to 24, he will perform a total of 5 times across the span of 4 days at Seoul Songpagu’s Olympic Gymnasium for his exclusive concert “2014 ALL NIGHT STAND.”


PSY Currently Working On New Songs, Unlikely to Return This Year

World star PSY has decided to postpone the release of his much-awaited comeback song.

A representative of YG Entertainment revealed to Sports News on December 1, “PSY is currently working on new songs, including ‘Daddy.’ As he will be working until he is satisfied with the songs, the exact comeback period has not been decided. It looks like his new album will not be released this year.”

In June, the singer collaborated with rap artist Snoop Dogg for the catchy “Hangover,” and at the end of the music video, PSY hinted at his summer comeback with “Daddy.”

Following the teaser, the singer continued to tease about the nearing comeback by sharing photos from the dance practice and the music video shoot. However, the updates quickly became less frequent, and it now looks like PSY has decided to postpone his comeback until the time feels right.


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