Kang Hye Jung Shares Her Views on Marriage

On the November 30 broadcast of the MBC show “Section TV Entertainment Relay,” actress Kang Hye Jung had an interview to promote her upcoming film “How to Steal a Dog.”

Kang Hye Jung, the wife of rapper Tablo and mother of Haru from “Superman Returns,” was asked regarding the type of person to get married to and she gladly offered her advice.

“I don’t know about getting married because you truly like or love each other. It’s different when you try to live together. Try it a few times,” Kang Hye Jung advised.

“‘It would be nice if you meet a person who’s like your friend,” Kang Hye Jung added. “Because you cannot bite and suck out
one’s life,” she continued, making the room laugh with her ajumma-style way of answering the question.


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