GD X TAEYANG’s “GOOD BOY” Sweep 10 Charts

G-DRAGON and TAEYANG showed their explosive power on charts.

GD X TAEYANG’s “GOOD BOY” unveiled on the 21 at 0am has dominated No.1 on ten charts: Melon, Genie, Mnet, Olleh Music, Bugs, Daum Music, NAVER Music, Monkey 3, Cyworld Music, and Soribada, upon its release.

The melody of “GOOD BOY” was jointly written by G-DRAGON, The Fliptones, and Freedo and G-DRAGON wrote the song’s lyrics and rearranged it, too. Notably, The Fliptones has drawn keen attention, as it is a famous producing team who has worked with G-DRAGON for “STAY WITH ME” in TAEYANG’s second full-length album, as well as with world-famous musicians such as Britney Spears, Jason Derulo, Ice Cube, and Santana.

G-DRAGON and TAEYANG boast their long-standing friendship in “GOOD BOY”. The song begins based on a powerful beat and G-DRAGON and TAEYANG blurt out their rap freely and easily. Their perfect harmony adds to the power of the song.

An explosive synergy is being created, with colorful and fancy music meeting catchy melody. G-DRAGON’s flagship sensuous rapping harmonized with a trap beat that makes listeners sing along, as well as TAEYANG’s vocal full of groove, are captivating listeners, proving the fact that the genre is a major trend of latest days.

Following “GD X TAEYANG”, YG will unveil “YG HIPHOP PROJECT2” on December 2 at 0am. Total three musicians will take part in “YG HIPHOP PROJECT2”.


GD X TAEYANG Proves Popularity with “Super Performance”

YG’s first hip-hop project GD X TAEYANG certainly satisfied the expectation of the fans. The announcement of the unit itself aroused much attention, and when “GOOD BOY” actually came out, the track immediately garnered much popularity all around the world.

At 0 hour of Nov 21, “GOOD BOY” was out. The two artists met when they were just two 13-year olds as YG trainees, so the synergy between them is beyond imagination.

Their new track swept across all 10 charts, proving their popularity and anticipation. And now GD and TAEYANG have knocked down all charts as members of BIGBANG, as solos and as a unit.

Their popularity is borderless. The track topped 7 iTunes including Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Macau, Thailand and Vietnam.

Major media is spotlighting the two as well. America’s FUSE TV on Nov 20 wrote, “Song of a day” BIGBANG’s G-Dragon & TAEYANG Link Up for Neon Club Banger “Good Boy”. Today’s an important day in their K-pop star bromance with the release of their new single “Good Boy.” And, boy, is it an awesome milestone.”

It added, “The stars slip between singing and rapping as GD’s fast rhymes turn into a crooning bridge while TAEYANG’s pre-chorus chants get faster by the second. This one might be our favorite GDxTAEYANG joint yet.”

The M/V of the track is also attracting much attention. In just 8 hours, it hit 790,000 views, and in 14 hours the number climbed to 1.3 million. In 22 hours, it surpassed 2 million.

America’s music magazine HYPERTRACK wrote that the two shows a perfectly choreographed performance under the neon, which doubles their energies.

This M/V was filmed in collaboration with YouTube to celebrate the 2nd YouTube music award to be held in March 2015. YouTube created an opportunity for top artists, who will have a positive influence on the music world in 2015, to produce collaboration music videos. And GD X TAEAYNG was the first—the world’s first.

The famous Collin Tilley, who directed Justin Timberlake and other world stars’ music videos, joined the two best friends this time. Born in 1988, the two are wearing the 88 Seoul Olympics hats to celebrate it.

Now the two have truly proved their value in the global music market. All eyes are on the two to see what kind of path they will pave in the future.


Billboard Extols GD X TAYEANG: “At the top of the game”

America’s Billboard spotlighted GD X TAEYANG’s new single “GOOD BOY.”

On Nov 20, Billboard had its headline, “The BIGBANG members prove they’re at the top of the vocal, rap and dance game in one of the year’s most epic club tracks.”

It added, “GD and TAEYANG are K-pop’s only male soloists with Billboard 200 chart entries and now the superstars come together for a new single. Written and arranged by G-Dragon, “Good Boy” showcases the BIGBANG members’ singing, rapping and dance skills in a big, booming package.”

“”Good Boy” feels like DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s “Turn Down for What” brought to the next level with the irresistible breakdown along with the added singing and rapping; a closer comparison might be calling it a 2.0 version of CL’s”MTBD.””

“GD and TAEYANG (aka GD X TAEYANG) are at the top of their vocal game as both straddle the line between singing and rapping throughout the track: G-Dragon jumps from hard-hitting verses to purring through the bridge while TAEYANG’s pre-chorus runs get quicker and quicker throughout each verse. Lyrically, the guys keep their mystique up by proclaiming their “good boy” status while boasting about their good looks, fresh clothes and love-making skills.”

“Save for his collaboration on TAEYANG’s latest solo album “Stay With Me,” G-Dragon hasn’t released any K-pop music this year. As one of the first K-pop acts to rank on Billboard’s year-end World Albums chart — along with TAEYANG’s Rise setting a new chart record for Korean solo singers — could “Good Boy” be making a late play to be one of the scene’s biggest hits this year? Given the guys’ chart record, it looks probable.”

Unveiled at 0 hour of Nov 21, “GOOD BOY” is still sweeping across 7 major music charts like Olleh, Mnet and Soribada until now. Their popularity is simply borderless as the track topped 7 iTunes around the world in Malaysia, Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and more. In America, the track climbed up to #85.

The famous Colin Tilley directed the M/V of “GOOD BOY,” and on Nov 22 at 9am, it already hit 2.8 million views and is quickly about to reach 3 million.


GD X TAEYANG on MAMA: New Unit Debuts on Special Performance

BIGBANG’s new unit GD X TAEYANG will have their very first performance at a large-scale music award.

YG Entertainment on Nov 21 showcased their first hip-hop project unit GD X TAEYANG.

“GOOD BOY” both written and composed by GD was unveiled at 0 hour, and the track has been topping Korea’s 7 major charts and global iTunes until now, on Nov 22.

The M/V of the track is also highly popular as it hit 2.86 million views at 11:40 am. It is expected to hit 3 million soon.

As international fans kept their eye on GD X TAEYANG, they are excited to see when the two will showcase the performance in an official setting.

According to the report of Star News on Nov 22, GD X TAEYANG will be first showcased at a music award. And that is on Dec 3 when the 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) is held at Hong Kong Asia World Expo Arena.

Here they will showcase “GOOD BOY.” It will be aired internationally, and the fans will be able to view it real time.

As 2014 MAMA will be the first for GD X TAEYANG to perform “GOOD BOY,” this will be a great gift for the fans.

Foreign media like Billboard has spotlighted the two by saying that they are the top of vocal, rap and dance games, proving GD X TAEYANG’s borderless popularity.


Music Video of GD X TAEYANG’s “GOOD BOY” Surpassed 5MN Views on YouTube

Music video of GD X TAEYANG’s new single “GOOD BOY” is enjoying big popularity, surpassing five million views on YouTube within four days from its release.

The music video of “GOOD BOY” unveiled on the 21 at 0am is recording 5,117,648 views on YouTube as of the morning on the 24.

The music video of “GOOD BOY” was produced in collaboration with YouTube, to celebrate 2nd YouTube Music Award to be held in March next year. Then, it has been introduced to fans around the world.

World-class music video director Colin Tilley produced the music video, which is creating sensation with a splendid camera work and sensuous visual.

Upon the release of “GOOD BOY”’s music and music video, it has been drawing keen attention from overseas media outlets such as Billboard, COMPLEX, FUSE TV, HYPETRAK, etc., to be extolled by them, too.

G-DRAGON, The Fliptones, and Freedo jointly wrote the melody of “GOOD BOY”, and G-DRAGON wrote its lyrics and rearranged the song. The song is enjoying big popularity by differentiating itself from other trap music, with a catchy trap beat, G-DRAGON’s flagship sensuous rap and melody, as well as TAEYANG’s vocal full of groove.


GD X TAEYANG Says, “We Shook Off ‘Obsession’ for Music, from Some Point”

“From some point, we began to enjoy working like playing, not trying to place too much meaning in our songs”.

That was remark by G-DRAGON at an interview about the release of “GOOD BOY”, his project single with TAEYANG, which was carried out at a café located on Seogyo-dong, Seoul, on the 25 this month.

TAEYANG explained, “Now I have shaken off the obsession that I must achieve something and create something. Now I don’t put that big emphasis on music, because I know that there are many things for me to do in the future”.

“I don’t think our new song perfectly meets your expectations. It’s just, we will do our music continuously, and show it to you”, added he.

G-DRAGON and TAEYANG have been the closest friends for 14 years since they first met as YG trainees. They have musically evolved together, by taking part in each one’s solo albums, along with performances as BIGBANG.

“GOOD BOY” released on the 21 is a song in which a catchy trap beat, sensuous rapping, and groovy vocal create harmony. Its lyrics that talk about story of a man who dreams of a fairy-tale love, also touch the listeners.

YG Entertainment confidently said, “GOOD BOY is enough to attract expectations from around the world, as G-DRAGON and TAEYANG reinterpreted trap music that is sweeping the world recently, to create their own version of it”.


G-DRAGON Says, “I Feel More Comfortable with TAEYANG Than T.O.P… There Are Conflicts Sometimes, Because of Pride as Rapper”

G-DRAGON of YG’s hip-hop project unit GD X TAEYANG compared TAEYANG to T.O.P.

In a round interview about GD X TAEYANG’s single GOOD BOY, which was carried out at a café located in Mapo-gu, Seoul, in the afternoon on the 25 this month, G-DRAGON confessed that he “feels more comfortable with TAEYANG than with T.O.P”.

G-DRAGON released an album as GD&T.O.P in 2010, and this year, he is performing in a duo with TAEYANG. G-DRAGON mentioned, “Rappers have strong pride in their music, so when I work with T.O.P, we often conflict with one another, even though I set the direction. Of course, that is a productive conflict to create a better output”.

“I don’t mean that TAEYANG just follows me easily, but it was more comfortable to work with him because I know his style well and I have been taking part in his albums. TAEYANG always produces something more than I want, even though I don’t give him a specific direction. If it were a full-length album, it would have been somewhat uncomfortable for him, but we worked together quite comfortably, because it was only one song”, added G-DRAGON.

G-DRAGON also said, “When I was working with T.O.P, I couldn’t see him frequently because he had busy schedules. On contrary, TAEYANG is always there at YG’s workroom”, to make the people at the interview burst into laughter.

Meanwhile, G-DRAGON wrote the melody of “GOOD BOY” jointly with The Fliptones and Freedo. G-DRAGON also wrote the song’s lyrics and rearranged the whole song. GOOD BOY has been enjoying a big popularity with its catchy trap beat, G-DRAGON’s flagship sensuous rap and melody, and TAEYANG’s groovy vocal, which differentiate the song from other trap music.


G-Dragon Admits Being More Comfortable with Taeyang than T.O.P

At a recent round table interview held on November 25, G-Dragon has admitted who he is closer to between his co-BIGBANG members Taeyang and T.O.P, whom he both worked with on different project units.

In 2010, G-Dragon worked on project unit “GD&TOP” with BIGBANG co-rapper T.O.P and four years later, the BIGBANG leader is back with another collaboration, this time with Taeyang as “GD X TAEYANG.” Having worked on a project unit with both members, G-Dragon was asked the inevitable question: who does he like better, Taeyang or T.O.P?

“I’m more comfortable with Taeyang than T.O.P, ” answered G-Dragon. “Although Taeyang isn’t a blind follower, I know Taeyang’s style well and I participated in his album so I’m comfortable (with him.) Even when I don’t give exact directions to Taeyang, he brings out the things I want and more. If we made an album, it would inconvenience Taeyang but since we only did one track, it was comfortable,” said G-Dragon.

G-Dragon also mentioned some difference between T.O.P and Taeyang when they worked together on their collaboration. “When T.O.P was working (on our album), he was busy with other schedules too so we weren’t able to meet a lot. On the other hand, Taeyang is always in the studio,” said G-Dragon.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon and Taeyang, “GD X TAEYANG,” has released their dance track “Good Boy” last November 21. The song is co-produced by G-Dragon, Freedo, and American songwriting duo, Fliptones. G-Dragon also wrote the lyrics to the song.


BIGBANG’s G-Dragon on 13-Year Friendship with Taeyang: “I Hope Taeyang Is With Me Until I Die”

YG Entertainment’s newest hip-hop unit, BIGBANG members G-Dragon and Taeyang, recently opened up about their 13-year friendship and their loyalty to one another.

On November 25, G-Dragon and Taeyang took part in an interview to discuss their thoughts on promoting together as a unit.

During the interview, Taeyang complimented his long-time friend and unit partner: “G-Dragon has a kind heart. I’ve watched over him from close by and he’s nice to the point where I think, ‘Is it possible for someone to be that nice?’ There is no evil in him.”

Smiling at Taeyang’s compliment, G-Dragon shared, “Taeyang’s strength and weakness is that he is really stubborn. It’s because he perfectly carries through according to his thoughts that the current Taeyang exists. At times, he makes some people frustrated, but there are good results when Taeyang pushes forward.”

G-Dragon continued to explain his strong bond with his fellow group member, saying, “Taeyang doesn’t talk much and he doesn’t act out loud, but he’s a friend that brings a lot of feeling when he’s next to you. I can feel his naïve honesty. If there could be one friend next to me when I die, I hope it’s Taeyang.”


G-DRAGON, “BIGBANG’s Comeback Next Year… Postponed for Better Music”

YG’s hip-hop project new unit GD X TAEYANG’s G-DRAGON said that “BIGBANG’s album will be out next year.”

At an interview conducted in Seoul on Nov 25, GD commented, “BIGBANG’s new album will be out next year. We have been talking about this since last year, but we were criticized for speaking too soon, so I can’t tell you the exact date yet.”

Early this year GD once said at a concert, “BIGBANG will be back as a whole this year,” and in fact it was delayed. He emphasized that this time he is “really preparing for it,” and added, “It might be an excuse—although I never felt the pain of creativity, my song-writing skills aren’t as smooth as before. So I tend to think much about it. I am actually the one who really wants to show it to the fans sooner.” He sounded apologetic to the fans.

He added, “I want to show you good music. But what I have does not look complete yet, and that’s the reason for the delay. If you stay a little bit more patient, we will guarantee you a great song. I want to show it as soon as I can.”

He continued, “This album is going to be a significant one for us, so we are trying a little harder to make it better.”

GD X TAEYANG’s new single “GOOD BOY” was out on Nov 21. The track is co-composed by GD, Fliptones, and Freedo while written and rearranged by GD. With the addictive trap beat, GD’s unique rap and melody harmonize with TAEYANG’s groovy singing.


GD X TAEYANG’s “GOOD BOY” Originally for BIGBANG: YG Gave it to Unit

YG Entertainment’s new unit GD X TAEYANG revealed that their new song “GOOD BOY” was actually for BIGBANG.

At an interview held in Hongdae on Nov 25 to celebrate the release of GD X TAEYANG’s new song “GOOD BOY,” GD commented, “It is mostly us two working on the songs of BIGBANG. We were making one like a demo CD, and at the time T.O.P was involved in a movie. DAESUNG was in Japan and SEUNGRI was also involved in other things, so us two were working on it,” explaining how “GOOD BOY” came about.

As the two were formed into a new unit, they said, “When Mr YANG heard the song, he suggested we should do it, just the two of us. We joined YG since we were 13, and we featured in each other’s songs but being in a unit is a first. We thought it would be fun, so we light-heartedly accepted it.”

So they were formed into GD X TAEYANG, YG’s first hip-hop project. Their single was unveiled at 0 hour of Nov 21, and it knocked down all 10 major charts immediately after release.

The two showcase a powerful sense of hip-hop. Having spent the last 14 years together, their teamwork is just mind blowing. The track is co-composed by GD, Fliptones, and Freedo while written and rearranged by GD. With the addictive trap beat, GD’s unique rap and melody harmonize with TAEYANG’s groovy singing. The song talks about two men who dream of fairytale-like love, no matter what the society says.

The two best friends will be performing their new track for the first time when they appear on the 16th Mnet Asian Music Awards on Dec 3.


Why GD X TAEYANG’s ‘GOOD BOY’ Is Different from BIGBANG’s Songs

‘GD X TAEYANG,’ a YG hip hop project group, has released their single ‘GOOD BOY.’ The two artists are trying something that they have never done as the members of BIGBANG.

Composed by G-DRAGON, Fliptones and Freedo, and arranged and lyrics written by G-DRAGON, ‘GOOD BOY’ was released at midnight last Friday. The song features G-DRAGON’s sensational rap and melody and TAEYANG’s groovy vocals along with trap beats.

‘GOOD BOY’ dominated the real-time charts on major music websites right after the release, and its music video is creating a buzz on YouTube. Meanwhile, some say that this song sounds unfamiliar and totally different from what BIGBANG has been doing. “‘GOOD BOY’ does not necessarily target the mass audience,” said G-DRAGON in an interview. “It is different from the songs of BIGBANG. This kind of response is just natural, because I try something new and different when I don’t perform as a member of BIGBANG.”

YG ENTERTAINMENT has been pairing its artists, as in ‘GD & TOP,’ ‘BOM & HI’ and ‘HI SUHYUN.’ G-DRAGON and TAEYANG talked about YG’s short-term project teams and their colorful music.

“We wanted to show many different aspects of our music by creating these short-term teams,” said G-DRAGON. “But we are more known as soloists or as a group. So we need to strike a balance between the kind of music that we want to create and fulfilling the expectations of our fans. In general, I think creating various pairs within YG and producing a wide range of music is a very positive trend.”

“It’s not just about taking the first place on a music chart,” he added. “We don’t always have to be serious. And I think it’s enough if there are some people who get comforted by our songs. We would like to share as many different kinds of music as possible.”

At a first glance, ‘GOOD BOY’ does not seem to be as familiar as the songs of BIGBANG. But in a sense, G-DRAGON and TAEYANG have chosen a genre that will become popular in the future. Trap beats have not taken off in Korea yet, but it is quite a popular genre overseas. It is an attractive genre in that it is light-hearted and does not require the audience to concentrate much.

“It may sound weird, but there is no point in trap beat music,” said G-DRAGON. “And this is why I like it. For instance, sad songs with sentimental lyrics or fast songs of the EDM genre have the messages of their own. But that is not the case with trap beat music. You don’t have to do anything or think too much. You can just follow the beats.”

“This may be the weakness of the genre, but I think it’s what makes trap beats very appealing,” he added. “I could have labored to write the lyrics, but I didn’t want to. I could have made every single word filled with meaning, but I thought it would be good if the audiences can intuitively understand the song and sing along.”

G-DRAGON and TAEYANG are going to showcase ‘GOOD BOY’ for the first time at Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) 2014, which is scheduled to take place on Dec. 3rd at Asia World Expo Arena in Hong Kong.


GD X TAEYANG Released the Making of GOOD BOY’s Music Video: “Everyone’s on a frenzy”

The making of GOOD BOY’s music video has been unveiled, which is a new song released by YG’s hip hop project ‘GD X TAEYANG.’

Released on the YG blog and YouTube in Tuesday afternoon, the making features the stage against which the eye-catching music video was set.

“The music video begins with G-DRAGON and TAEYANG entering into an underground world that we created,” said Colin Tilley, a world-renowned director, who filmed the music video. “This ‘underground world’ is a very unique and mysterious place that cannot be found anywhere on Earth. It is filled with cool and trendy people, and is good for them to have fun.”

“Everyone’s on a frenzy,” he added, talking about the concept of the music video. “All of them are wearing distinctive and bold clothes as a fashion statement. We create energetic music videos in a way that artists can reveal who they are and be true to themselves.”

About their new song ‘GOOD BOY,’ G-DRAGON said, “It’s a comfortable and light-hearted song that you can nod to the rhythm.”

“Everybody involved is energetic,” said the cinematographer of the music video. “It’s like everyone is really getting addicted to the song.”

In just five days since its release, the views of the music video are about to reach the 7 million mark.

The first performance of ‘GOOD BOY’ will take place on Dec. 3rd on a cable channel MAMA. And G-DRAGON and TAEYANG will appear at ‘The Music Trend’ aired on SBS on Dec. 7th to perform for the first time on a music program on a major TV network.


When Will BIGBANG Return as a Whole?

When will BIGBANG make a comeback as a whole? Standing at the very top of idol groups, BIGBANG hinted a dynamic comeback early this year, exciting thousands of fans. But as always, BIGBANG put more emphasis on the “completion” of the album than the “release date.” At a recent interview with OSEN, GD X TAEYANG were apologetic of the delay: “We are sorry. We are actually working on it now. The delay is due to our zeal to make it better.” Such attitude is probably how BIGBANG has survived so long as the top idol group.

TAEYANG commented, “BIGBANG’s album must be good, and since we took much time off, we want to make it extraordinary. With the album release, I am entering my late 20’s, and I am constantly thinking of our future direction.”

He added, “I cannot predict the future, but depending on how this album turns out, my thought will change. Our path for when we are in our 30’s will be determined,” emphasizing the importance of their upcoming comeback. GD continued, “We want to produce and album when we are satisfied with it, and not pushed by others.” GD X TAEYANG both mentioned the upcoming album when asked what their biggest concerns now are.

GD brought up their entrance in the US market. “Of course, if you are an artist, you dream of going to the States, and it will also help in your musical career. But PSY, who rose to stardom naturally, shows that planning and mentioning it in advance can bring about mixed reactions.”

“Music is not about selling it to other countries. A person could turn into a fan after listening to our music once,” said GD, and added, “We don’t think it’s time yet. If we keep doing what we are good at, then there will be opportunities for us in the future.”

GD X TAEYANG released their new single “GOOD BOY” on Nov 21. The track is co-composed by GD, Fliptones, and Freedo while written and rearranged by GD. With the addictive trap beat, GD’s unique rap and melody harmonize with TAEYANG’s groovy singing.


GD X TEAYANG’s Popularity Proven: Tops Inkigayo Without TV Performance

YG Entertainment’s hip-hop project GD X TAEYANG topped SBS’s Inkigayo without having any other TV performances.

Beating Toy and HI SUHYUN, the two best friends from YG topped the program with their new single “GOOD BOY.”

This is shocking as the two never showcased any performances on TV yet. Their first one will be on the same program on Dec 7.

GD X TAEYANG released their new single “GOOD BOY” on Nov 21. The track is co-composed by GD, Fliptones, and Freedo while written and rearranged by GD. With the addictive trap beat, GD’s unique rap and melody harmonize with TAEYANG’s groovy singing.

Other artists like Kyu Hyun, Apink, Hyorin X Joo Yong, VIXX, Got7, AOA, Mama Mu and many more were on the program to show some dynamic performances.


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