WINNER Says, “iKON To Debut Soon is Like Our Mirror, Which Motivates Us”

WINNER popped the champagne, in a party to celebrate their successful journey in the year 2014.

The December issue of star & style magazine “THE STAR” took photography of group WINNER, under the theme of “end-of-year party of guys”. WINNER unleashed confidence and witty appeal that are not like those of a rookie group, in the photography. They showed sex appeal from facial expression and hand gestures, even though they were just holding a cup noodle.

After shooting the photography, WINNER talked about their feelings about the year 2014 when they finally made debut after a long period of training at YG. WINNER said, “The songs in our first album were rather sentimental and emotional, but we are now writing more exciting and powerful songs. We have just wrapped up our performances for the first album. We have plenty of time in the future to stand on the stage”.

To a question whether they were not nervous about iKON’s debut, WINNER answered, “It actually motivates us. iKON is like a mirror which makes us reflect on ourselves”. WINNER members are young men, and to a question about their dream relationship with girlfriend, each of them answered, “The Maldives, trip to Sapporo, travelling with no plan, penniless trip”, etc., to make people at the photo-shooting laugh.

The photography and interview that demonstrate WINNER’s unique wit and sophisticated appeal will be unveiled in “THE STAR” magazine, and the behind-cuts and behind-stories of the photo-shooting will be uploaded on the website of THE STAR.

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