Epik High’s ‘Parade 2014’ Concert in Shanghai, Beijing, Incheon

EPIK HIGH’s 1st Concert in China in Shanghai and Beijing Achieved Big Success… Captivating Chinese Fans

Group EPIK HIGH proved their high popularity in China, being acclaimed by local fans in their solo concert in the country.

“PARADE 2014”, EPIK HIGH’s solo concert in China, which was held in Chien Shei Wan Culture Center in Shanghai on the 22 and in Tango Live House in Beijing on the 23 this month , was full of the heat and passion of the audience filling the concert halls.

The atmosphere heated up from the beginning, with performance of “UP”, “BURJ KHALIFA”, and “FLY”. The heat was never cooled down during the whole concert in which EPIK HIGH sang total 19 songs including “WITH YOU”, “GET AWAY”, “HAPPEN ENDING”, “FAN”, and encore songs.

As it was their first concert in China, EPIK HIGH members greeted local fans in the Chinese language, and Chinese fans sang along all the songs enthusiastically, holding EPIK HIGH members’ placards.

Beijing concert was more enthusiastic. Fans were queueing from early morning, showing EPIK HIGH’s high popularity in the country. Notably, fans prepared a surprise event of singing a happy birthday song for DJ TUKUTZ whose birthday was November 19. EPIK HIGH members were touched by Chinese fans’ gift and they video-recorded the scene, to keep the precious moment forever.

EPIK HIGH has successfully rounded off their first concert in China, and will move on to Japan tour, to hold concert at WOMB in Shibuya, Tokyo, on the 27, at BLAZE in Shinzuku, Tokyo, on the 28, at BOTTOM LINE in Aichi, Nagoya, on the 29, and then at SUNHALL in Shinsaibashi, Osaka, on the 30 this month. Then, next month, EPIK HIGH continues to hold concert at BIGCAT Live House in Osaka, on the 1.

Plus, EPIK HIGH comes back to Korea to have a tour, at Chunma Art Center in Daegu on December 7, Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon, on December 19, and Sohyang Theater in Busan, on December 27 and 28.


WINNER & YOUNHA Stand on Stage of EPIK HIGH’s Incheon Concert as Guest Performer… “Boasting Friendship”

Group WINNER and singer Younha stand on the stage of EPIK HIGH’s Incheon concert, as guest performers.

EPIK HIGH has successfully rounded off their concerts in Seoul, as well as in Beijing and Shanghai, China, recently. They are to begin nationwide tour concert from December.

In their Seoul concert, EPIK HIGH performed with a variety of different guest performers including Younha, MYK, and Yankie. In their December 19 concert to be held at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon, EPIK HIGH performs with YG junior artist WINNER.

WINNER members went to EPIK HIGH’s Seoul concert, to enjoy EPIK HIGH’s performances with other audience. That shows the deep friendship between WINNER and EPIK HIGH.

Notably, WINNER member SONG MIN HO took part in “BORN HATER”, a song that enjoyed big popularity along with the title track of EPIK HIGH’s 8th full-length album. SONG drew much attention for his touch and wild rap and lyrics, which were quite different from his past style shown as WINNER. That is why fans are paying keen attention to if SONG MIN HO will stand on the stage for “BORN HATER”, in EPIK HIGH’s Incheon concert.

Along with WINNER, Younha joins EPIK HIGH’s Incheon concert as a guest performer, too. Younha has already performed in four Seoul concerts of EPIK HIGH as a guest. She recently decided to join EPIK HIGH’s Daegu concert, and now, Incheon concert, too, to show her friendship with EPIK HIGH.

EPIK HIGH is committing themselves to preparing for their tour in Korea, creating different set lists for each city to hold concert. It is not easy to make each concert different, while holding concerts in China and Japan, but EPIK HIGH decided to do so, to give a special time to all their fans who come to their concert.

Meanwhile, EPIK HIGH successfully finished their first Japan tour “EPIK HIGH JAPAN LIVE HOUSE TOUR PARADE 2014-2014” which was held at “WOMB” located in Shibuya, Tokyo on the 27 this month.


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