B.I Says, “I Want President YANG HYUN SUK as Member of iKON”

B.I, a member of boy group iKON to make debut next year, has expressed his wish to have YG President YANG HYUN SUK as a member of his group.

On the 28 this month, magazine HIGH-CUT unveiled hip-hop style photography of B.I and BOBBY. In the photos, the two are expressing soulful hip-hop sense, in each and every gesture and hand sign.

In an interview after photo-shooting, B.I was asked about who he wants as an additional member of iKON. He answered, “I want president YANG. If he joins my team, I think we can make debut sooner”.

BOBBY said he wanted TEDDY as an additional member, explaining, “He knows every detail of swag, so if he becomes a member of my team, I think I can grow more”.

B.I picked 2NE1’s CL and BOBBY picked Yoon Mirae, as a singer who they want to perform with.

B.I explained, “If I stand on the stage with CL, I think I will do my best not to lose. Plus, her energy will create a synergy with me”. BOBBY said, “I think I can learn a lot from Yoon Mirae. Her vibe on stage is really great”.


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