AKMU First Exclusive Concert: AKMU CAMP

200% Healing Show

The sibling duo AKDONG MUSICIAN (AKMU) held a warm “healing” concert. This was their very first exclusive one, with enjoyable music and a healing ambience.

Kicked off from Nov 21 to 23 at Seoul Blue Square Samsung Card Hall, AKMU’s first Korea concert “AKMU CAMP” was held. The siblings had a great time with 1,500 and 4,500 fans for every concert.

With their intention to provide an ambience to the fans of a healing and comfortable music like they are on a camp, the AKMU CAMP was decorated like a forest. As soon as you step into the concert hall a stage that is filled with trees makes you feel like you are part of a fairy tale. The audience was invited to the “AKMU CAMP” as an announcement flows out of the speakers, like at a real camping site.
The first two songs were “GIVE LOVE” and “200%.” As the songs from their debut album “PLAY” released in April were showcased, the fans sang along and greeted the siblings. With LEE CHAN HYUK’s witty performance and LEE SU HYUN’s clear voice, the hall instantly became refreshing.

After the two songs, LEE CHAN HYUK commented, “Today is the last concert. Let’s shout out loud and begin!” inviting the fans. He led the audience smoothly, making it hard to believe that he is just a newbie artist. He added, “I am the ‘Little Sister Protector’ of AKMU,” while LEE SU HYUN said, “I’m HI SUHYUN’s LEE SU HYUN. It’s great to see you.” She told CHAN HYUK, “I’m sorry. I’m currently promoting as HI SUHYUN.”
About holding his first concert, LEE CHAN HYUK commented, “The first concert (on Nov 21) was really touching. The fans planned an event for us, and it was our first time so we were awkward, but it was so touching. This last one will be awesome,” telling that he will have the fans engaged with the two.
AKMU then showcased “SHOWCASED” and Michael Bublé’s “Haven’t Met You Yet.” CHAN HYUK explained that he rearranged the second song in K-Pop Star, but could not show it as in the end he had to perform “Officially Missing You.” And “Haven’t Met You Yet” was as refreshing as the song showcased on K-Pop Star.
They moved on to perform “Don’t Cross Your Legs,” “You Are Attractive,” and “Ugly,” all of which they showed on K-Pop Star. They recalled themselves on K-Pop Star, openly being arrogant, but also dissing themselves for the “hubris” as a joke.
As a solo performance, CHAN HYUK appeared dynamically from the ceiling, being greeted enthusiastically by the audience. He called himself the “god of song-writing,” and then played a skit with the surprise guest artist Yoo Seung Woo, of teaching the guitarist Jung Sung Ha how to write songs. They then showed collaboration of the sentimental Byun Jin Sub’s “Wishful Thinking.”

LEE SU HYUN sang APink’s “No No No” and Girl’s Day’s “Darling” as a solo. It was something very different to what she usually performed as a folk music artist, gifting the fans with very refreshing charms.
AKMU came together to perform more of their songs like “MELTED,” “I’M DIFFERENT,” “ARTIFICIAL GRASS,” “LITTLE STAR” and more to heat up the audience.
For HI SUHYUN’s “I’M DIFFERENT,” LEE HI came up on stage, while LEE CHAN HYUK performed for iKON’s BOBBY’s dance performance. LEE HI showcased her own “1,2,3,4,” to celebrate the two siblings having their first exclusive concert. AKMU’s version of “I AM THE BEST” was certainly refreshing as well.
AKMU then introduced a girl who is suffering from a rare disease, who gained energy fro AKMU’s music. They commented, “When we hear these stories, we are the ones who are comforted and healed. We want to sing songs that can heal people.”
AKMU’s appearance was indeed dynamic from the very beginning, since they appeared on K-Pop Star 2. And they are growing fast. This concert certainly possessed “healing” power. It has been six months since their debut, and they are already filled with talents to produce, direct and perform live. Many have high expectations for their bright future.

They will move on to Daegu next month on the 6th, Gwangju on Dec 24, and Busan on Dec 31 with the AKMU CAMP.


AKMU’s LEE CHAN HYUK, “My Ideal Type: Woman with Higher Nose than SU HYUN”

AKDONG MUSICAN’s LEE CHAN HYUK commented that his ideal type of woman is “a woman who has higher nose than my sister.”

At their first Korea tour concert, AKMU CAMP, held on Nov 23 at Blue Square Samsung Card Hall, AKMU performed 20 songs from their debut album “PLAY,” K-Pop Star 2, and unveiled songs.
Singing “Babay” as a solo, LEE CHAN HYUK appeared as the “god of song writing.” He introduced himself as one, explaining that song-writing skill is a gift. With Yoo Seung Woo and Jung Sung Ha, they played a skit—the two guest artists learning how to write songs from LEE CHAN HYUK.
LEE CHAN HYUK then asked the two to join him to sing, and they sang “Wishful Thinking.” In the song, LEE CHAN HYUK expressed his ‘ideal type’ of woman: “Someone who is not interested in my song copyright fee, someone with a higher nose than my little sister.”
The three boasted a strong bond, wrapping up the stage.
They were joined by a total of 4,500 fans in the 3 days of their concert from Nov 21. They will move on to Daegu on Dec 6, Gwangju on Dec 24, and Busan on Dec 31 for more concerts.


DARA Photographed with AKMU + LEE HI “They’re Really Something”

2NE1’s DARA unveiled a photograph taken with AKDONG MUSICIAN and LEE HI.

On her Instagram she posted a photo on Nov 23 with the caption that read, “What are these kids? They are really something. Woooo!”

In the photo, the artists stand in line to pose for the camera. SU HYUN hugging DARA is cute.

Meanwhile, AKMU successfully ended their first performances of the exclusive concert AKMU CAMP from Nov 21 to 23 at Blue Square Samsung Card Hall.


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