2014 YG’s Year: 7-for-7

“It’s Certainly YG’s Year!”

YG Entertainment led by YANG HYUN SUK performed extraordinarily well this year, with all the 7 albums released by its artist not only topping charts but also lining up several songs.

All the artists who either made a comeback or a debut proved YG power by doing extremely well. 2NE1, AKDONG MUSICIAN (AKMU), WINNER, AKMU Digital Single, HI SUHYUN to GD X TAEYANG. Having 100% success rate in 2014, YG once again proved their insight and talent for their timing and strategy, while also boasting the unique music they possess

2014 was enough for YG to show existing artists’ power and the newbies’ potential. Some new artists were concerned that they will not be able to continue on the reputation built by existing artists.

For GD X TAEYANG, they are already popular in and outside the country, and in just a day their M/V reached 2 million hits and topping global iTunes. It is more meaningful as they are the first ones of YG’s hip-hop project.

The awards they received are another proof. At the 2014 Melon Music Award held on Nov 14, 7 of YG artists received awards. So it is well worth keeping an eye on YG’s future to see where they are headed after this hugely successful year.


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