[M/V Hot Spot] HI SUHYUN’s “I’M DIFFERENT”: Irresistible Charm

YG’s new unit HI SUHYUN attracted much attention of the viewers by showing off their irresistible charms.

Their music video of “I’M DIFFERENT” was unveiled on YG’s official blog at 8 pm on Nov 18. The expectation was high for the video as the track was unveiled first on Nov 11. With BOBBY who featured, the two teenage girls showcased comical and cute acting.

Dressed in school uniforms, they express their love for BOBBY, a boy who lives close by. They watch him from far or imagine bumping into him when they are alone. They chase BOBBY but he never pays attention to them, and instead goes on a date with someone else. Finding this out, the two finally becomes a team to rely on each other.

Like a short episode of a sitcom, the two literally put their heads together to sing or feel the rhythm with their hands. BOBBY appears in a suit and raps his part—a short but dynamic scene. The video is indeed entertaining.

The R&B/Soul track entertains the ears of the listeners with LEE HI’s soulful voice and LEE SU HYUN’s clear voice. The rhythm is made up of brass session and guitar, and the rest is filled with the two mesmerizing voices. BOBBY kicks in with witty rapping, doubling the fun.

They will appear together with iKON’s BOBBY on Mnet’s M Countdown on Nov 20. All eyes are on the three to see how they will perform.


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