EPIK HIGH’s Seoul Concert Ends in Success: Next is Asia Tour

EPIK HIGH successfully ended their 3-day concert in Seoul, and will move on to other regions of Korea to continue with the heat.

They held the “Parade 2014,” a first exclusive 3-day concert in 5 years, at Seoul Blue Square on Nov 16.

Their 8th full album “SHOEBOX” released in October, the title track “HAPPEN ENDING” swept across charts. Not only that, but several tracks from their album were lined up on charts, while maintaining the top position for 2 weeks in a row on South Korea’s major music charts.

Apart from them, “SPOILER” and even the R-19 rated “BORN HATER” ranked within the top 10, while they received a trophy on Mnet’s M Countdown. Interest in EPIK HIGH is only growing.

EPIK HIGH formed a super-scale band for their concert, inviting Shaun from The Koxx to play the kepboard, Park Sun Bing from The Koxx and Life and Time to play the the bass and Jin Shil from Life and Time to play the guitar.

Yoon Ha, who boasts strong friendship with EPIK HIGH, will be appearing as a guest. They have known each other since she featured in EPIK HIGH’s “Umbrella” in 2008. In “We Fight Ourselves” from “SHOEBOX,” Yoon Ha once again features to showcase a perfect harmony with the trio.

After the Seoul concert, EPIK HIGH moves on to Daegu on Dec 7, to Incheon on Dec 19, to Busan from Dec 27 to 28. They are also expected to hold a tour in China and Japan under the title Asia Tour.


EPIK HIGH, “So Grateful… First Concert in 5 Years After Ups and Downs”

At the “Parade 2014,” a first exclusive 3-day concert in 5 years, held at Seoul Blue Square on Nov 16, the trio said, “We were able to hold our first concert in 5 years after many ups and downs. We are so grateful for you.”

MITHRA JIN commented, “After going through many ups and downs, we are finally here to have our Parade 2014, a first one in 5 years.”

TABLO added, “I want to talk about the miracle you created. You created miracle. We released an album after a long break, and 12 of our songs were lined up on charts, we ranked #1 and #2 for the longest period of time. Our #1 track was ‘HAPPEN ENDING’ but #2 was a track that was classified R-19. Just before this concert, thanks to you, we were able to accomplish triple crowns. Very special to have this at this age.”

He continued, “I am so grateful that right at this moment we are here having our very own concert for the first time in 5 years, with our name and photos hanging all around.”

Kicking off in Seoul, the “Parade 2014” will be moving on to an Asia tour, to China’s Shanghai Qianshuiwan Culture Center on Nov 22 and in Beijing’s Tango Live House on Nov 23.

In Japan, they will be in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. They will be in Tokyo on Nov 27 at Shibuya WOMB, Nov 28 in Tokyo Shinjuku Blaze, Nov 29 at Nogoya Aichi Bottom Line, Nov 30 at Osaka Shinsaibashi Hall and on Dec 1 at Osaka Big Cat Live House, totaling to 5 concerts.

After the Asian Tour, EPIK HIGH moves on to Daegu on Dec 7, to Incheon on Dec 19, to Busan from Dec 27 to 28.


EPIK HIGH Quickly Removes Profanity: “Haru is Here at the Concert…”

EPIK HIGH’s member TABLO announced that his daughter is present at the concert.

At the 3-day concert “Parade 2014” held at Blue Square Samsung Hall on Nov 16, EPIK HIGH met with 12,000 fans.

EPIK HIGH opened with the song included in their newest album “SHOEBOX,” and the trio heated up the audience from the very first performance. Telling the fans “Let’s fly again,” the trio then performed “FLY.”

While singing “BORN HATER,” the R-19 rated lyrics “fuck up” came up, and TABLO suddenly stopped. He then asked, “Haru is here today, right?” and TUKUTZ answered, “Yes she is.”

As a result TABLO quickly replaced the profanity with “father.” As a matter of fact, his daughter Haru was there with his wife Kang Hye Jung to watch him perform.

Starting from the Seoul concert, EPIK HIGH will travel around Asia and across South Korea.


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