LEE HI, “No Regrets for Uni Entrance Exam. Not Thinking of Uni Yet”

LEE HI showed her passion for becoming a singer.

At a café in Mapogu on Nov 14, LEE HI said in an interview, “On Nov 13 when students were sitting university entrance exams, I was not at the exam center but was at the studio practicing dance with AKDONG MUSICIAN’s LEE SU HYUN until 4 am.”

LEE HI is in 9th grade of Seoul Performance Arts School. She was eligible to sit the exam, but she decided not to since she wanted to focus on her music career. She commented that she will postpone going to university until she finds something she wants to learn.

She added, “I didn’t sit the exam but I have no regrets. I want to focus on what I am doing now, so I have no sour feelings. The fact that I didn’t sit the exam as a 9th grader may be a little bit sad, but I want to work harder on what I’m doing right now.”

“I don’t plan to sit the exam to go to university in the near future. I did have a fantasy about going to uni, but my dream is to become a singer and now I belong to YG. I want to focus on this now. I expressed that I want to go to uni when I find something I really want to learn.”

During the interview, LEE HI expressed her feelings clearly. When asked what her secret of such quick maturation is, she said, “I tend to speak clearly when I talk to Mr YANG. He likes it that way. I study and think a lot when I’m alone, and that helps me have my own principle.”

On Nov 11, she released a debut single with LEE SU HYUN titled “I’M DIFFERENT” as YG’s new unit. The song immediately swept across all charts including Mnet, Olleh, Genie, Soribada and more. The two girls once again proved their popularity.

“I’M DIFFERENT” is an R&B/SOUL genre, in which LEE HI’s powerful voice and LEE SU HYUN’s clear voice come together to create a mesmerizing harmony. With the catchy and rhythmical melody, the song only encompasses brass and guitar for just a simple background instruments. The void is filled by the two amazing vocalists. YG’s new boy group iKON’s BOBBY features with witty rapping, doubling the fun. The song is indeed receiving a lot of positive reviews.


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