HI SUHYUN Says, “So Happy to Take the 1st Place”

A new unit of YG ENTERTAINMENT(YG), HI SUHYUN (LEE HI, LEE SU HYUN), took the first place on Korean music websites with their song ‘I’M DIFFERENT,’ and the two teenage singers said they were happy.

“I was more nervous than when I performed as a soloist,” said LEE HI, at the interview with Starnews that took place at a café in Hapjeong-dong, Seoul. “I was with SU HYUN at the YG building when we got the ranking result. We didn’t really expect that we would take the first place. We hugged each other as soon as we learned about the result. In fact, I was happier than I was ranked first as a soloist.”

“I was also more nervous than when I performed as a member of AKDONG MUSICIAN,” said LEE SU HYUN. “There is a five-minute chart that is disclosed after a song is released. And I heard that the download cases of our song had reached a peak on that chart. We cried out and jumped up and down in joy.”

HI SUHYUN released their digital single ‘I’M DIFFERENT’ on the 11th of this month. The song gained enormous popularity as soon as its release, dominating the local major music websites like MelOn.

The song was composed by P.K and Rebecca Johnson and arranged by P.K. The lyrics were written by Masta Wu and BOBBY, a judge and the winner, respectively, of ‘Show Me the Money,’ a rapper survival program aired on a cable channel Mnet. BOBBY also featured the song.

‘I’M DIFFERENT’ is an R&B soul pop song and has an upbeat melody, featuring colorful vocals of LEE HI and LEE SU HYUN, whose singing styles completely differ from each other. The quality of the song was furthered enhanced by the brass section and a guitar. Plus, the rap featured by BOBBY was included, making the song another positive precedent of collaboration of YG artists.


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