HI SUHYUN, Unusual Combination? “A Skill of God”

[OSEN=김사라 기자] YG Entertainment’s new unit HI SUHYUN (LEE HI and LEE SUHYUN) is showing a substantial power on music charts, for two days in a row since the release of their music. The combination of two girls with contrasting charms is not just unusual.

“I’m Different” released on the 11 at 0am took the No.1 on the real-time charts of seven music-streaming websites: Melon, Bugs, Genie, Olleh Music, Soribada, NAVER Music, and aum Music, as of 7am on the 12. On Mnet and Monkey 3 chart, the song is in the 2nd place.

Both of LEE HI and AKMU’s LEE SU HYUN are young singers who appeared in SBS’s “K-Pop Star”. They were both youngest among the competitors of the audition show, but they have completely different appeals. The combination of the two which aroused curiosity even before the release of the music, is proven to be more powerful than expected. The unit’s cute but matured charm added by iKON member BOBBY’s support has completed a perfect song.

“I’m Different” is creating a unique color with the harmony of LEE HI’s soulful vocal and LEE SU HYUN’s ringing voice. They have contrasting vocals, but that is the very reason why a more unique harmony is created. The song’s lyrics “A girl like me is not common. I’m different. I’m different from others” and “Don’t compare me with other girls” highlight a special appeal, just like the song’s title and the two vocalists themselves.

YG has constantly been “sweeping charts”, with different albums, including 2NE1’s second full-length album in early 2014, BIGBANG TAEYANG’s solo comeback album, WINNER’s debut album, and EPIK HIGH’s comeback album. HI SUHYUN has shown a new shot as a “new unit”, adding to the powerful lineup. Two girls nobody can look down. That was YG’s “skill of God”.

Meanwhile, on the day’s music chart, MC Mong’s “Did You Miss Me”, BEAST’s “12:30”, AOA’s “With Soft Steps”, etc. are placed.


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