Epik High’s Tablo Says He Would Support Haru If She Decided to Do Music

Tablo, member of hip-hop group Epik High, has revealed his honest thoughts on the future of his daughter, Haru, and her possible career aspirations.

During a recent interview, the talented rapper said, “If Haru wanted to do music, I would naturally support her.”

When asked if he is fine with his daughter thrown into the competitive music market, Tablo replied, “Is there anything in this world that is not challenging? If she wanted to do it, it would be right for her to do it. As music gives joy to other people, I think doing music is a blessing itself. Because of that, I don’t think ‘difficult’ is an accurate expression to describe music.”

“If she decided to do music, I would do my best to help her as I have personally enjoyed music a great deal. If she regretted her decision or complained about it being hard, it would be her own choice,” the father explained.

Regarding Haru’s innate talent, Tablo said, “Haru is already rapping. Her flow in front of the mirror is no joke,” and laughed, “Dok2 and The Quiett were amazed by her talent.”

Meanwhile, Tablo and Haru are appearing on KBS2TV’s “Superman Returns.”


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