WINNER Participates in ‘Letters of Angels’ Adoption Campaign

It has been revealed that the members of idol group WINNER took part in a campaign to advocate adoption.

The group recently participated in the 12th annual photo shoot for photographer Jo Se Hyun’s “Letters of Angels” project. This particular project is known to be a nationwide campaign for increasing awareness and spreading the importance of adoption.

During the shoot, the members of WINNER held a baby in their arms as they flashed bright smiles for the camera. It is said that despite their young age, the members were able to take care of and properly embrace the babies. In one of the photos, member Mino can be seen being playful with one of the babies. Following the heartwarming photo shoot, the members posed alongside the main photographer, Jo Se Hyun.

Meanwhile, this campaign first began in 2003, and this year, the project decided to focus on single male stars as advocates of adoption. The “Letters of Angels” exhibit is scheduled to open up next month from December 17-23.

Source: soompi


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