WINNER Appears in “MelOn Music Awards 2014”… Giving Surprising Performance

[OSEN=선미경 기자] Group WINNER has confirmed their appearance in “MelOn Music Awards 2014”, and is preparing for a special performance to fully unleash their appeals.

WINNER will reinterpret songs that they have never performed yet, to display each member’s appeals with different styles of dance, vocal, and band music, in “MelOn Music Awards 2014”. Plus, they will rearrange their debut song “Empty” in a different version, and prepare a powerful video like a music video, to present a perfect performance to fans.

Furthermore, expectations for WINNER’s performance in “MelOn Music Awards 2014” are growing higher, as they are known to be preparing a shocking and sexy performance for woman fans.

The atmosphere at the awards will be further excited, with a parade of celebrities who will be at the awards as presenters, including Enes Kaya and Julian Quintart of popular TV talk show “Non-Summit Meeting”, MC Jun Hyun Moo, singer Kim Youn Woo, actor Hong Jong Hyun, singer Yoon Sang, model-cum-actor Nam Joo Hyuk, etc.

The second-round online vote to select the winner of each segment of “MelOn Music Awards 2014” will be carried out until the 12. Any MelOn member can take part in the vote to select the winner of each segment among top ten singers or teams who have been already selected on MelOn’s official website and mobile website. The segments of the awards include “Best Artist Award”, “Best Song Award”, “Best Album Award”, “Best Popularity Award”, etc.

“MelOn Music Awards 2014” will be held on the 13 in Seoul, at Olympic Park’s Gymnastics Stadium.


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