YG Keeps Rising: Looking at Korean Music Industry 2014 Through Awards Nominees

[이데일리 스타in 김은구 기자] Award season has come in the music industry. On Nov 13 there is the Melon Music Award, and Dec 3 is Mnet’s Asian Music Awards (MAMA). These award ceremonies put an end to 2014 of the music industry. The nominees are those who performed well in the year. So we look at the 2014 music industry by observing the award nominees.

◇ YG, Aiming for the Top in Music Industry

YG Entertainment led by YANG HYUN SUK is going to aim for the top position. In the past, SM Entertainment was taking the lead, with YG and JYP following behind. Although called the BIG 3 of the industry, SM clearly stood at the top. However, the nominees of Melon Award and MAMA show the structure is being broken this year.

Melon Award announced its Top 10 Artists of the Year through 20% by vote and 80% by music score that went on for 2 weeks. YG’s 2NE1, WINNER, AKDONG MUSICIAN, and TAEYANG were included. EXO was the only artist from SM. Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, Tae-Ti-Seo, the main artists of the agency, all released songs but were not included in the top 10 list.

Currently the voting is being conducted in MAMA, and the four from YG were again put on the list. SM had EXO, Girls’ Generation and Super Junior, and YG had one more than SM. In the category of “Song of the Year,” EXO, DBSK and SM’s sister company SM C&C Entertainment’s Nell, Infinite’s songs were included, while YG’s were EPIK HIGH’s “HAPPEN ENDING,” TAEYANG’s “EYES, NOSE, LIPS.” SM’s market capitalization stood at 583.3 billion won on Nov 3 while YG’s at 680.3 billion. All eyes are on the two giant agencies to see which one will come in first.


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