YANG HONGSEOK & JUNG JINHYEONG Who Failed to Join iKON, “Stays at YG”, after Meeting with YANG HYUN SUK

[스타뉴스 길혜성 기자] YANG HONGSEOK (20) and JUNG JINHYEONG (17), who lost in a survival audition to select the members of YG Entertainment (“YG”)’s new boy group iKON (B.I, BOBBY, KIM JINHWAN, KOO JUNHOE, SONG YUNHYEONG, JUNG CHANWOO, and KIM DONGHYUK), have confirmed their stay at YG.

According to a high-level insider of YG on the 10 in the morning, YANG HONGSEOK and JUNG JINHEYONG were interviewed by YG’s head YANG HYUN SUK and YG accepted their wish to stay at YG.

The insider said, “YANG and JUNG strongly expressed their wish to stay at YG, in a meeting with YG’s head producer YANG HYUN SUK. YANG thought YANG and JUNG who had not been the members of “WIN” Team B lost in “MIX & MATCH” to select the member of iKON, not because they lacked in talent but because their time of training YG was shorter. Furthermore, the two had strong wish to stay at YG, so Mr. YANG decided to give them additional opportunity”.

“YANG HONGSEOK and JUNG JINHYEONG will be provided with music and choreography training room at YG for the next one year, to further develop their talent. Whether they will make debut through YG will be decided after then, so their debut as YG artist depends on their efforts from now on”, added the insider.

YANG and JUNG demonstrated their unique character and outstanding talent in Mnet’s survival audition show MIX & MATCH designed to select the members of iKON, but they failed to join iKON until the end of the show on the 6 this month. So, the two have failed in the survival audition and their future has drawn a big attention from MIX & MATCH fans, because YANG HYUN SUK had said that those who fail to be the member of iKON may have to leave YG.

However, as YANG and JUNG’s stay at YG has been confirmed now, fans who supported them can make themselves comfortable.

Meanwhile, “WIN” Team B members: B.I, BOBBY, KIM JINHWAN, KOO JUNHOE, SONG YUNHYEONG, and KIM DONGHYUK, as well as new-face trainee JUNG CHANWOO who acted as the young Lee Min Ho in KBS 2TV’s drama series “Boys over Flowers”, have been confirmed as the members of iKON.

iKON with seven confirmed members set the target of making official debut in January next year, and will dedicate themselves to working on debut songs, except for performing on the opening stage of YG senior singer BIGBANG’s Japan dome tour.

iKON will be performing on the opening stage of YG senior BIGBANG’s Japan dome tour that will have total 15 concert in five cities including Nagoya where the tour starts on the 15 this month, then Osaka, Fukuoka, Sapporo, and Tokyo until mid-January in 2015.


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