MINZY takes the Stage with EPIK HIGH for “HAPPEN ENDING”

[마이데일리 = 허설희 기자] 2NE1′s MINZY took the stage with EPIK HIGH to perform “HAPPEN ENDING.”

On Nov. 9, EPIK HIGH appeared on SBS’ Inkigayo (MC: Kwang Hee from ZE: A, Lee You Be, SUHO & BAEK HYUN from EXO) to sing “HAPPEN ENDING.”

Prior to their performance, TABLO called out to MITHRA JIN saying “Let me summarize ‘HAPPEN ENDING’ in three sentences. Hello, good bye, the end.” EPIK HIGH’s performance was eye-capturing with well-written lyrics which were full of emotion.

Then, MIZY took the stage, grabbing the audience’s attention with her soulful vocal and beautiful look. Added with MIZY’s attractive vocal and look, EPIK HIGH definitely heated up the stage for “HAPPEN ENDING.”

The song’s lyrics talks frankly about parting with a lover, and the original featuring is done by Roller Coaster’s Jo Won Sun. AKDONG MUSICIAN’s LEE SU HYUN and LEE HI featured in the group’s music show stages.

Meanwhile, other than EPIK HIGH, BEAST, 2AM, VIXX, BOYFRIEND, HELLOVENUS, BTS, YOON HYUN SANG (duet. IU), SONG JI EUN, ZHOUMI, HONG JIN YOUNG, MADTOWN, Almeng, LABOUM, B.I.G, Hi.ni, A-cian, and Purfles also took the stage for Inkigayo.


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