All Full Albums All #1: 2014, Would YG Achieve 100% Goal?

[TV리포트=김예나 기자] 3 for 2NE1, 10 for AKDONG MUSICIAN, 8 for TAEYANG, 6 for WINNER, 2 for EPIK HIGH. These are the number of trophies YG artists received this year. The five teams performed magnificently in 2014, and their winning rate was indeed 100%.

Since February, YG showcased artists every 2 months. February was 2NE1, April was AKDONG MUSICIAN, June was BIGBANG’s TAEYANG, August was WINNER and October was EPIK HIGH. All the albums knocked down all music charts immediately after release. For YG, it was a year where everything became a hit.

YG’s Executive Producer YANG HYUN SUK announced at the beginning of the year that all five teams will release full albums. Although it was their debut album, WINNER and AKDONG MUSICIAN showcased their very own by writing all the songs themselves. Both teams were well known by the public even before their debut as their talents were recognized on audition programs, while also creating a huge fan base.

None of the five teams resemble each other. They all chose different genres, and did much better than anyone had expected.

Since their debut, 2NE1 has crossed across different genres, starting from hip-hop. Their 2nd full album “CRUSH” was also very unique and powerful. AKDONG MUSICIAN’s songs were nothing close to mainstream, and the siblings solidified their position by doing their own color of folk.

TAEYANG broke the stereotype against him by releasing his 2nd full album “RISE,” which steers away from his original performance-based songs. He solely focused on his vocal talents. And as people recognized his incredible singing talents, he positioned himself as an all-rounder. WINNER immediately became popular with their album “2014 S/S.” In just 10 days of their debut, the group seized a trophy. Now they are in Japan promoting their album.

EPIK HIGH, releasing their album for the first time in 2 years, also became the top in 6 years. They have gone through problems for the past years, and it was their 2nd album since they joined YG. Their 8th full album “SHOEBOX” received much praises as they regained their very unique color that they showcased at the very beginning of their debut.

On Nov 11, YG is gearing up to showcase another artist. It is the combination of LEE HI and LEE SUHYUN, dubbed the new unit HI SUHYUN. BOBBY, a member of iKON that will debut in January, joined the two girls, making the unit a mixed-gender one. Every time YG releases a teaser image it is gaining huge attention. The seemingly distant artists (in terms of their genre of tones of voices) coming together is indeed intriguing for all. All eyes are on the new unit to see if they can continue on YG’s amazing reputation until the end of the year.


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