“MIX & MATCH”’s BOBBY Became Star before Debut

[OSEN=김사라 기자] YG Entertainment’s trainee BOBBY has a lot of nicknames even though he has yet to make official debut. He met fans as a Team B member in “WIN: WHO’S NEXT” last year, and this year, he became the winner of “Show Me the Money 3” and appeared in “MIX & MATCH”.

BOBBY featured for EPIK HIGH’s new album “SHOEBOX” released last month, and now, he will also feature for YG’s new unit HI SUHYUN (LEE HI – LEE SU HYUN). BOBBY is busy now, even though his group iKON has yet to make debut.

BOBBY stood out from “WIN: WHO’S NEXT” last year. BOBBY was in Team B’s rap part with leader B.I. At that time, singer Lee Hyun Do extolled him, saying, “BOBBY is so attractive. I have high expectations for him”. Lee said BOBBY’s control of power was still insufficient, but added, “If you appeared in ‘Show Me the Money’, you would win”.

Then, BOBBY threw the gauntlet in Mnet’s “Show Me The Money 3” aired from July to September this year, boastfully. “Show Me the Money” series is a rapper survival audition program, in which singers and producers appear as judges. In every season, professional and amateur rappers also appeared in the show, to show outstanding hip-hop performances. In season 3 as well, recognized rappers including Vasco, Iron, Olltii competed with one another, and BOBBY drew much attention by taking the No.1.

In MIX & MATCH, BOBBY confirmed his debut from the beginning, along with B.I and KIM JINHWAN. That was because B.I and BOBBY were only ones from a rapper lineamong the trainees, and they, with KIM JINHWAN, have been trained for the longest period of time. The three led each team as a leader, in a position slightly different from the other members, in survival matches. BOBBY was praised for his rapping skills in MIX & MATCH, by TABLO, San-E, Simon-D, etc., who said, “It seems like BOBBY has been standing on the stage for like five years. He is dreadfully good”.

BOBBY’s talent is one of the best, to be recognized by senior singers. TABLO explained about BOBBY who featured for EPIK HIGH’s “BORN HATER”, saying, “I did rap with this fellow, to make an opportunity to show that he is good to perform with professional artists”. BOBBY is a star not because he has become famous in a short period of time, but because is “recognized”.

BOBBY will come back to feature for HI SUHYUN’s “I’m Different” to be released on the 11 this month. YG’s new unit was originally known to be a coed trio, so BOBBY’s debut in a unit before his debut as iKON drew many people’s attention. However, YG corrected the speculation that the new unit is not a coed trio but BOBBY just features for the unit. Music fans are paying keen attention to what kind of harmony BOBBY’s intensive rapping will create with LEE HI and LEE SU HYUN’s duet song with contrasting vocal styles. BOBBY also showed his passion by taking part in writing the lyrics of the song.

Meanwhile, YG’s new boy group to which BOBBY belongs has confirmed its seven members on the 6 and is expecting official debut next year. A rookie is hot even before his debut. Fans are expressing high expectations for his future.

Source: YG LIFE


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