Kim Jong Min Talks About Filming CF With Big Bang′s G-Dragon

In an industry where hierarchy is important, Kim Jong Min revealed a story that involved Big Bang’s G-Dragon.

On November 6, Defconn and Kim Jong Min appeared in the Best Friend special of KBS’ Happy Together. The two began to talk about filming a commercial together along with G-Dragon, grabbing the attention of everyone in the studio.

“I filmed a commercial with Defconn and G-Dragon,” explained Kim Jong Min. “That day, G-Dragon was a little late. But because I was a big senior to him in the music industry and I came early and had to wait for him, I was a bit upset and waited for him to come greet me.”

“But then, Defconn said we should go greet him first… so I went with him and greeted G-Dragon,” shared Kim Jong Min, as everyone burst out laughing, asking why he followed Defconn.

However, Defconn had a different story to tell.
“That’s a wrong memory. That’s just what Kim Jong Min saw. G-Dragon wasn’t late, but we were just there early doing another filming.”

“Because I personally know G-Dragon, I was going to say hi by myself, but Kim Jong Min was the one that followed me. And then, Kim Jong Min greeted G-Dragon super formally, and G-Dragon was more caught off guard,” revealed Defconn, making everyone laugh.

Source: enewsworld베티핑끄


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