BIGBANG Attracts the Largest Number of Japanese Fans This Year

[스포츠동아 = 김원겸 기자] BIGBANG became the K-Pop group that attracted the largest number of fans in Japan this year.

Nikkei Entertainment, Japan’s monthly magazine, announced in their December edition that BIGBANG attracted 927,000 fans through their 29 performances, according to its “Top 50 Artists Who Attracted the Largest Number of Fans to Concerts in 2014.” BIGBANG came in 2nd, following the Japanese rock band, Exile, who attracted 1.05 million fans through 31 performances.

BIGBANG attracted an average of 31,965 fans every concert, coming in neck-and-neck with Exile who attracted 33,967. BIGBANG’s popularity is proven as they are holding Japan’s 5 Largest Dome Tour 2 years in a row.

DAESUNG, who is promoting his music under the name D-LITE, also attracted 169,000 fans through 15 concerts. Including DAESUNG will add up to 1.09 million fans for BIGBANG. Considering that a ticket costs 100,000 won, their sales from just the tickets is whopping 109.6 billion won.

DBSK came in 2nd as another K-Pop group, attracting 691,000 fans, coming in at #7 in the total ranking. What catches people’s attention is Exo’s name on the list, attracting 318,000 fans through 14 concerts when they did not even make a debut in Japan yet. Other K-Pop artists on the list were Girls’ Generation (308,000 fans, 18 concerts), Super Junior (275,000 fans, 5 concerts) and SHiNEE (254,000 fans, 33 concerts).

Source: YG LIFE


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