07112014 English Translation Daesung on Mini Magazine

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Q: Solo tour you held this year from June to August was very successful, bringing in more audiences that last year’s tour.  I believe that the numbers of your fans are increasing. What were the differences between this year and last year’s tour?

D: Last year’s tour was my very fist solo tour, so I had in mind to bring in more and more people inside my “world”.  However for this year, the audiences who came were the ones who came to my last tour and already know my world, so I kept in mind that this tour is the moment that we ALL share and make.  The fact that the venues were bigger this year than the last years’ showed that I was able to appeal to many people during last year’s shows.

Q: You probably had many difficulties?

D:  I didn’t have a lot of time to work on my album D’SLOVE, so I regret that I didn’t have enough time to promote it.

Q: I thought that your Japanese got better this year.

D: People have told me that the MC part of my concert is very funny, and it was one of the most enjoyable moments for myself too.  I’m so glad I got to talk about my thoughts and connect with the audience.  I want to learn furthermore and know more of Japanese expressions.

Q:  Do you still study Japanese these days?

D: It’s already been 5 years since we made our debut in Japan, but when we go back to Korea, we still have a Japanese teacher that we learn from.  I feel that I learned so much Japanese and got better at it during the solo activities.  In BIGBANG, I am not the talkative one.  I don’t even do SNS. I honestly don’t like talking about my thoughts.  But when I do my solo activities, I have to talk about myself so I think I got better and better during D’SLOVE activities.

Q: You’ve gone to many parts of Japan; which food did you like?

D: I love beef tongue so I ate a lot of them at Sendai (Sendai is famous for beef tongue). We got them in our catering and I was able to eat all of the good tongues during this tour (laughs)


Q: Nalbwa Gwisoon, which is the title song for new mini album DIRAITO, was originally written by G-DRAGON and the Japanese lyrics were written by HYADAIN. It is a special combination.

D: I love trot and I’ve always wanted to sing them.  The lyrics Hyadain wrote in Japanese are very very funny and I loved it so I decided I want him to write for DAEBAKIYA also.

Q: It is perfect for end-of-the-year parties.  Do you have any advice for those people who want to sing it?

D:  I think you will be able to get the courage to sing it by drinking alcohol (laughs)  There isn’t any party without alcohol right? Just grab one near you and you will be able to have the courage and sing it with your loud voice.  So the secret is alcohol (laugh)


Q: You’ve changed your hairstyle into a very adult-like style. Why is this?

D: I don’t even know why but I think I did it for my solo activities.  During D’slove tour, I kept thinking about myself and my music so I think my character became ‘darker/deeper’.

Q:  “Darker/deeper” meaning you are calmer and became an adult?

D: But I believe becoming an adult isn’t a good thing for a guy.  I think that guys should not forget about its youthful soul.  So I want to say that I still have a heart of a baby or an elementary school kid (laughs)

Q: But I think you are grown up.

D: I am a grown up baby (laughs)

Q: What kind of moments do you feel you are grown up?

D: I now have more responsibility towards work.  When I’m doing solo, I carry all the responsibility right? But when something big happens during these activities, it effects not only me but all the people around me.  When I think about these things, I feel that I’ve grown and I try to think more about these responsibilities now.

Q: What troubles did you have during solo activities?

D: Everything is troublesome because I have to make the entire 2~3 hours of the concert.  I keep worrying about how to make the enjoyable time with the staffs working with me.  I think that the preparation before the tour is the most important.  That way I can make the concert very enjoyable.  The year I have solo tour is the most enjoyable year.

Q:  Please give us a hint of how DOME TOUR will be like!

D:  Hint? Our strongest thing is the energy and the characters of each of us when we get together.  It’s a secret but we may sing songs that the fans wanted to hear for a long time.  Honestly, we are preparing for it right now and I have a headache.  We can’t even gather as five frequently so we talk using chat room. We are currently discussing with Japanese staffs.

Q: Opening act would be IKON this year.  WINNER already made a successful debut in Japan.  Do you communicate with them? Who are you keeping an eye on?

D: We don’t really have frequent chances to communicate, but we recently had a YG Family tour so I got to talk with them.  I feel that I don’t need to give any advice to WINNER or Team B because they already have the outstanding skills. As for Team B, they are still trainees but each of them have their own character and they enjoy the stage; I have no worries.  WINNER is really good too.  I keep an eye on JINWOO.  Because I want to experience his face (laughs)  If you have that kind of handsome face, you don’t need to work so hard on things. But he is such a hard worker. I’m always fascinated.  He is a good guy and I want to give him more advice.  By the way I am joking about his looks (that I want to experience it) (laughs)

Q: Final words to the readers?

D: Have you been preparing for parties? You have to prepare your stomach too.  We are preparing for the fun dome tour so please come see us.  Nalbwa Gwisoon is perfect for end-of-the-year season so please sing and dance to it.


Q: What did you buy recently?

D: Smoked chicken breast.  I bought 10 of them yesterday. You can get them at SEIYU(grocery store). It is very good.  I recommend.  SEIYU sells smoked chicken breast! We are selling dome tour tickets! YAY! …I feel like I’m doing my job now.  I feel so grown (laughs)

Q: Japanese word you learned recently?

D: ROUNYAKUNANYO (trans: men and women of all ages).  I want men and women of all ages to enjoy Nalbwa Gwisoon! I’m doing promotions again. This is a great interview (haha)

Q: What kinds of little behavior/gestures of a girl that you’ve fell for?

D: My heart is on stop now so I don’t know (laughs) hmmm.. smile?

Q: What do you do during spare time?

D: I went to hot springs all by myself. Without managers/staffs. I even asked a random lady to take a picture at the station.

Q: No one noticed you?

D: There weren’t many people in the first place.  Not even on the bullet train.  I didn’t meet anyone at the inn so I was able to relax.  I enjoy being alone because I get excited like a little kid.

Q: What food do you like recently?

D: Konnyaku. Japanese convenience stores started selling ODEN. In Korea, we have oden that we must microwave but it is way better system in Japan.  I buy all the konnaku at the store.

Q: Which member do you frequently contact?

D: We have a chat room so I talk with everyone.

Q: Do you talk about dome tour?

D: No. We only talk about the tour for like, 1-2 minutes.  Five of us are ‘pros’ so we only talk about those important things quickly and get done with the conversation.  Then we talk about things that aren’t really important. Like, Where are you? I’m here. Where are you? (laughs)

Translated by mmvvip I Scan source: wheneverds.com


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