102014 English Translations Daesung & Taeyang on S Cawaii Japanese Magazine

-Tell us why the theme for D’slove is “love”

D: The feeling of love is humans’ strongest and the most important, so I wanted to make my first original album to be that concept.  I wanted to send my message from the beginning to the end but it was difficult to create that flow. But all of the songs are very good so I had fun recording them.

-You also included the cover of the famous song I LOVE YOU.

D: This song is very famous also in South Korea. There were pressures because a band called POSITION, my seniors in Korea covered it in Korean before and it made a big hit.  As I recorded, I wanted to express what I felt and show my clear outlook of the song.

-You ended your solo tour successfully. What were the unforgettable moments?

D: I always worry about my throat during the tour. A concert is originally set to be done in 2 hours but it gets longer and longer into 3 hour long concert. It is really fun to sing on stage but it is also tough (laughs)! Fans’ reaction is very good when I sing Fantastic Baby. Because this is my first time singing a BIGBANG song and I also rap. There is no melody to TOP’s rap so I think I’m better at rap! Ahaha!

-You said there will be something this fall. What is it?

D: It’s a secret. I’m working hard preparing for it. Please look forward!

Q: When did you feel loved recently?

D: During concert.  It felt like I was wrapped around everyone’s love from the beginning to the end. I wanted to make a “warm” concert and thought of many plots, and I felt that everyone understood my message and feelings so I was so happy.

Q: G-Dragon went to your concert. What were his reactions?

D: He said “MC part was so fun!” G-Dragon recently studies Japanese so he understands my MC. Then he said JOYFUL is the best, and before the concert he asked me if I will sing it.  I said I will then he says “Yes, you must sing that song.” (laughs)

Q: What is the impression of S Cawaii (this magazine)?

D: There are so many cute girls on here so I’m worried if it’s okay if pages of me appear all of the sudden(laughs)

Q: How do you spend your day off?

D: I wake up and just do nothing; when I’m in Japan I eat lunch that my manager buys. I rest for about 2 hours then I go to the gym and exercise and go back to my room and stay on bed again… I like to watch movies and dramas. What was interesting recently was GAME OF THRONES and I was inspired to drink wine from this show. I want to drink wine like water just like the character in the show but I cant do it (laughs)

Q: From the new album, which song do you want to sing for S Cawaii readers?

D: Awake, Asleep. You can read this magazine from the moment you wake up and until when you go to sleep.  If you’re with S Cawaii for the whole day, it will be a good day! (Applauses)

Q: Do you fall in love slowly or quickly?

D: It takes a while for me to like someone, so slowly. I think someone who matches with my vibe and character is important so I don’t end up liking someone at first sight. I never made an approach to someone before so I hope I can from now on.  

Q: Why did you change your hairstyle?

D: I get asked a lot but there’s no particular reason… If I have bangs I sweat a lot so it gets hot.

Q: In Look at me Gwisoon, there is a part that says “I wear pajamas when I sleep”. What is the truth?

D: That is a lie.  I actually don’t wear anything, naked. This may sound eroi(sexy) but I really like that feeling when my skin touches the mattress.

Q: What kind of date do you want to go on?

D: Countrywide sushi tour! I learned so many good places during the tour so I want to go eat with someone I like.

Q: Which part of your room do you like?

D: There is only bed in my room. I stay on bed because there is my desk and computer just near my bed. It is a black bed with white mattress, white/black mix. My mom likes white and I like black.  So I choose my bed sheets and such to be zebra color (laughs)

-How did you feel when your new album was ready to get released?

YB: I’ve taken my time, very long 4 years making it so this album means a lot to me. I felt refreshed when it was out.

– There are different genres of songs and fans probably felt fresh. What is the concept?

YB: I had image in my mind of waking up to a new morning. This album is very different from the last one. As for SOLAR and HOT, I’ve done things that I was already good at and try to deepen those skills.  But as time passed, I thought there is more possibility to my music. I think people will now feel the new possibility and emotions.

-What is your favorite song?

YB: LOVE YOU TO DEATH. It’s a memorable song because I worked on it with a producer I love, Happy Perez. I was so happy to work with him in the US and I really love the sound of this song.

-How did you work with G-Dragon?

YB: He is my closest friend so we didn’t have to spend a long time working.  When we both feel “this is good” we just keep moving on. We’ve known each other from very young age and we are good friends that experienced many things together. And we are able to inspire each other because what we possess is different.

– Your first solo tour in Japan begins this August!

YB: I wanted to release an album because I wanted to go on a tour. I really wanted to express my world so I planned the videos and stage settings from 1 to 10.  I want to keep making performances so I can feel close to and make good memories with each and every fan.

Q: How do other members feel about your album?

YB: They are jealous (laughs) Each of them gave me a message when they heard my album. They supported me because they knew how much time and effort I devoted on it.

Q: What is your daily routine?

YB: I wake up around lunch time 12, and I eat whatever there is at my house.  But I don’t usually have food so I just go to YG Ent and eat at the cafeteria there.  Then I workout at the gym for 1.5 hr ~ 2hr.  If there’s nothing else to do, I go home and watch a movie or read.  I go back to the office again and just have a long talk with GD and the producers because we are good friends. If there’s good words or concept from that conversation, we begin working on songs.  Then we eat dinner and go home around 1am.

Q: Which part of your body do you like?

YB: My back. I’ve been working out from a long time ago so I have thick muscles.

Q: What do you want to do this fall?

YB: Eat persimmon. I love seasonal fruits.  I also want to go see tinted autumn leaves. 

Q: Which part of your room do you like?

YB: I live in a city tower apartment and feels so cold so I actually want to move to somewhere with warmness. There is a tree by the apartment so that’s my favorite place to go refresh.

Q: What do you do for health?

YB: Eat fruits and drink persimmon vinegar before I sleep.  The taste is so bad (laughs) But its good for the body so I try to drink it.

Q: What is your favorite girl’s fashion?

YB: I love it when she wears the fashion that is the most suited for her.  Skirts or street style, whatever that suits that person!

Q: Which member have you met recently?

YB: When I reached Japan I met GD and DS and ate shabu-shabu (one-pot dish made at the table by cooking vegetables and slices of meat in boiling broth) . We haven’t met each other in a while so we just talked what we were each doing.  GD went to DS’s tour and told me it was awesome, so I was motivated to work hard too.  

Q: What kind of things you think a girl is cute?

YB: For me it’s just the feeling.  I don’t really look at the looks because I only look at that person’s aura. I think girls with my favorite aura and fresh/pure sense are cute.

Q: What kind of date do you want to go on?

YB: I want to walk and see the cherry blossoms.  The cherry blossoms in Japan is very beautiful! I really don’t care about what we go eat.  If I’m with someone I like, I can just eat a simple rice ball (laughs)

Q: What happens when you like someone?

YB: I become more careful on my words and actions.  I feel it doesn’t go well if I just be aggressive without thinking.  I don’t want to make a mistake in front of my crush so I try to be more careful.  

Credit: kangdaesung.com, @URTHESUN

Translated by mmvvip


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