05112014 “Top 3 moments when Daesung thinks TOP is cute” Interview by Rankingbox Japan

RANKING BOX have asked D-LITE about 3 cute moments of TOP!

1.When he keeps asking “Have you seen my movie?” everyday

“TOP has been starring in movies recently and he keeps asking me “Have you seen my movie?” from the day movie starts showing. When TAZZA 2 started, I was on my solo tour so I ended up being the last one to watch it among the members. He kept saying “You are the only one who haven’t watched it. When are you going? It’s showing at these theaters…” He was telling me the details of the theaters and I thought it was cute.”

2. When he is (childishly) selfish but acts lonely

“When BIGBANG plans to go eat and when four of us (GD TY DS SR) decide to go eat meat, we just go with it. But when TOP wants to eat sushi that time, he goes to eat sushi by himself. What’s cute is after that. He says “Why did you leave me, all by myself? I wanted to eat meat too. You guys should’ve invited me again me. I’m so lonely all the time.” He says that every time. He’s cute right?”

3. When he comes for a piggyback ride

“You’ve seen TOP on my back during concerts right? That’s really cute. He comes to me when the concert is almost over or when I’m really really tired. Worst thing is when TOP runs to me and jump on my back. It’s kinda scary. He is tall and in shape. But I can’t really help it because he is the oldest. I just have to accept it… Honestly, I want him to stop (laugh)”

Source: rakingbox.jp

Translated by @mmvvip


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