03082014 Full Translations Daesung’s Interview “Daily Music”

Q: Last “D’scover” was a J-pop cover album. This time “D’slove” is mainly original songs. What part is listen-worthy about it?

D: This time, the keyword is “love”. I wanted to express the feeling of love which is the strongest and the warmest. I worked with Japanese composers on Rainy Rainy and Dress and it temporary had those titles already and I thought those are good as it is. Then I added my experiences to those temporary lyrics.

Q: You took part on writing the lyrics.

D: Yes. I first write them in Korean and I get them translated in Japanese. I got them into several versions of Japanese lyrics and I sang them and chose the one that most fits. Because the pronunciation changes the impression of the songs.

Q: Was covering J-pop songs helpful?

D: Yes. I was able to think “how do I put my feelings/heart and sing” when I sing in Japanese. I tried to use what I learned from that and challenged to express many feelings.

Q: Was it easy for you to write about falling in love?

D: It’s not that it was easy…. I only experienced one-sided love when I was a teenager. I could never confess (laughs) But I did have the feeling of falling in love so I think those experiences were well put in the lyrics.

Q: Didn’t you worry if the listeners will be able to sympathize with the songs?

D: I did worry. Because last time, it was a J-pop cover album so I chose what people already liked so I knew the reaction would be good. However original songs are like gamble. We don’t know if many people will like it. But I’m glad many people listened to them.

Q: Arena tour that was held in June and July was a blast.  I went to Budoukan and the fans were very ‘warm’.

D: Ah, you felt it (laughs)

Q: Yes.  The responses of the fans during the talk was very fun.

D: It’s the thing I keep the most important.  Of course the singing part is important, but MC is the only time I get to talk with the fans and I really want to make ‘our time’.  This means MC time is an important performance.  There were many fans who came to last year’s tour and I’m glad many people now know the style of my concert.

Q: You are really friendly.  Like giving a bottle of water to fans…

D: I didn’t really intend to do that but I suddenly felt I want to give something to the fans.  And I looked around and there was only water on the stage.  I’ve been saying this but I’m not a special, great, nor big person. I’m just an ordinary person who loves singing… So instead of saying ‘I will show a great performance,’ I really want to feel what the fans think and stay connected and move on together.  I want to become a good friend of everyone, really.

Q: You are a great vocalist and also an unique entertainer. It was impressive when you said “Even when my voice condition isn’t good during rehearsal, when the concert starts, my voice comes out well.”

D: My throat isn’t strong so there are times I feel ‘today is a bad day’. But I just do my best.

Q: So powerful. I personally liked how you sang FANTASTIC BABY by yourself.

D: hahaha! It’s not a big deal. It’s not difficult (laughs)

Q: (laughs) Let us know about activities other than solo.  BIGBANG will be on a-nation. What do you want to show?

D: Solo activity is when each of us can grow.  We learn so many things and when the five gather again, there’s more power.  It’s been a while being on a-nation but I know we will get heated!

Q: You guys are approving each other.

D: Yes. That is our strength.

Q: Which artist are you paying attention to recently?

D: I’ve been listening to the new pieces of artists who I covered.  Motohiro Hata gave me his new tour DVD.  I want to watch it when my tour is over.

Q: What is your favorite Japanese word recently?

D: “chiyahoya” (trans: getting attention/spoiled) I learned is during language lesson.  It sounds very cute and I love the meaning.  I heard it once and remembered immediately (laughs)

Translated by mmvvip


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