“Better than expected on music charts, in state of ‘mental collapse’”

[Reporter Mi Young Lee] Hip-hop group Epik High revealed that they received good inspiration from Taeyang.

At an interview that took place on the 27th at a cafe in Mapo-gu, Seogyo-dong, Seoul, Epik High delivered their thoughts on the release of their new album ‘Shoebox’ and more.

In the full length album ‘Shoebox’ which Epik High presented on this past 21st after two years, many strong-personality musicians participated including Taeyang, Jae Bum Park, and Younha. The track ‘Born Hater’ which was released in advanced became a hot topic with the participation of several rappers including Beenzino and Verbal Jint as well as junior rappers from YG Entertainment including B.I. Bobby, Song and Minho.
Tablo said, “Just like how the style of all the people who participated in the Epik High album is different, the way we receive stimulation is also different.”
More than anything else, Epik High attracted attention by disclosing that they receive good stimulation from Taeyang.

Tukutz shared the behind-the-scenes of the album, saying “Taeyang is very positive. Like his name, Taeyang gives energy. It seems his name was chosen very well.” and while laughing “We recorded again up until two days before the album came out. We really liked it, but [Taeyang] said he would record again.”
Tablo said, “Taeyang makes music while in a good mood.” and “I’ve seen a variety of musicians during 11 years, but the expression that I hate the most in the world is ‘pain of creation.’ I thought that you are doing what you want to do so doesn’t it not make sense to use the expression of pain? When you are working, no matter how sad you are, my thinking is that you have to enjoy it.” After, he said “I have to sing while being thankful to the very many people who have made it possible for me to do this work. Taeyang always shows this kind of attitude.”
Tablo also said, “The reason I work with Taeyang often starting with the solo album is that we relate well in that regard.” And he highly appraised Taeyang’s mentality, saying “It is working with a heart that gives thanks. I think it is not ‘I have to show people’ but that ‘Because of these people, I can let them hear good music so thank you so much. I enjoy it. I want to make it with the feeling of a gift.’ The reason Taeyang appears in each album is that I have to work with Taeyang in order for that kind of heart to come about.”
Through their new album, Epik High is keeping their highest top ranking position on music charts even up until now. The title song ‘Happen Ending’ is of course clinging to #1 while other album songs like ‘Born Hater’, ‘Spoiler’, and “We Fight Ourselves’ are also still in the top ranks.
Epik High expressed their surprise, saying “We are endlessly happy. It seems like a different feeling than when we got #1 in the past. Although it took two years to make the album, it took six years to get all the way to this moment. It’s amazing.” They also said, “We did not at all expect our music grade. We lacked a lot of confidence so we are in a state of mental collapse.”
Meanwhile, on the upcoming November 14-16th, Epik High is holding an exclusive concert ‘PARADE 2014′ after five years at Yongsan-gu, Hannam-dong, Seoul, and will meet with fans. The two performances that were initially scheduled, with tickets selling out within a short period of time, has been extended to four performances.
Source: Joynews
Translation: yooj@icaruswalks.com

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