01112014 Daesung’s mini album release event in Osaka, Japan + Fanaccount

Daesung performed Nalbwa Gwisun as opening stage with 4 dancers (2 male, 2 female), thanking us all for coming and that so many people came. After that Furuya-san (he was already MC for BB fan meetings and also in Daesung’s last Niconico broadcast) came on stage & talk a litlle about the mini album

MC: Isn’t this the mic you use for BB cons?

D: This? It’s ordered especially for this event

Daesung said he worked very excited on the album but wasn’t sure the fans would like it, so he was very happy that it got #1 on Oricon chart. On the album release day after the twitter event Daesung went to dinner and karaoke with the CEO and other YGEX staff and sang his own songs. He said it was really embarrassing cause everybody sang his songs and he had to sing them too.

Then there was a game for the fans to participate. Daesung had to choose a question from the screen & we had to reply quickly through e-mail. Question was: “What color are Daesung’s underpants today?”. The answer was “black”. Dae said he had LOTS of black underpants, 30 at least. The fastest fan to send the email had to go up the stage, Dae then signed a poster for her, shook her hand and hugged her cos she was crying. Then the MC read other email replies & Daesung was amused by a fan who replied “shocking pink” so he said he’d give her Volvic as a present.

After that Daesung sang Dounimo Tomaranai for the first time and it was so much fun! There’s a choreo too, and Daesung kept moving his hair. Then it was over. It was barely 30 min long but Daesung was so happy and funny as usual. Can’t wait for the next event!

When talking about the mini album Dae said that for years he had been starting the Nalbwa Gwisun dance from the wrong side without realizing. And he was embarrassed when he found out but now he’s fixed it and is doing it right, lol. He said that we fans can do it how ever we want.

Daesung thanked us fans many times, for buying the album and for coming to the events on a rainy and cold day (not raining now though, lol). He talked abt the encore concerts in January. He’ll sing the songs from D’slove album he didn’t sing at D’slove tour so it’ll be different. He mentioned there’ll be many chances to meet, now at the release events, then the Dome tour and after that his encore concerts

The second event’s contents were similar, but it was even more fun than the first. Same clothes, same songs to begin & end and same corners. Furuya-san asked Osaka fans’ opinion on Daesung’s Kansai dialect in Daebakiyah but the reaction was weird so Furuya-san asked for an example. But Daesung hadn’t prepared the song for the event and asked the staff for the lyrics. Once they appeared on his monitor the music started and in the end he sang the whole song while looking at the screen but also dancing around the stage. His Kansai dialect was really funny. So after he finished the song he repeated the “rap” part without music but w/ the same intonation as in the song. He also said that it took him a lot of time to record that “rap”, much more than to record the songs, and that it’s very difficult for him. When talking abt Nalbwa Gwisun he said the best way to sing it is half-drunk and that the range of voice in the song is perfect for women. Then Daesung had to explain the most important part of the dance which was, of course, the chest movement. He showed us how to do it and. He wouldn’t stop! lol. To the left, to the center, to the right. The MC even asked him if he was gonna continue the whole song, haha. Then during the email thingy corner the MC mentioned the question that came out in the 1st event about the color of his underwear and somebody screamed “Show us!” and more people screamed too so Daesung asked “Should I undress?” grabbing his jacket as if to take it off, of course everybody went crazy but then Daesung said that there were “babies” at the venue so he couldn’t, but otherwise he’d do it, lmao.

In the 2nd event in the question for the email thingy we had to calculate BB members bday dates, sth like GD+YB+SR-TOP-DS. The fastest fan went on stage again and got a signed poster, a handshake and a hug, lucky her. Then Dae chose another funny reply & gave her a box of Volvic. The winner was a really cute 40~yo JVIP

In both events Dae left the event in a funny way, in the 1st event skipping instead of walking, and in the 2nd one singing Dounimo Tomaranai. Daesung used our call back “fun time”-“passes in the blink of an eye!”& invited us to his concerts in Jan/Feb


Source: @High__Lite, @bbrhythm, @Happy_daes, @MShinju, @susifg


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