29072014 Previews TOP@”Tazza 2: Hand of God” Showcase

TOP: I think I’ve shown the hidden sides of me that were never seen before. It felt like I was totally naked (exposed)

TOP: I think I will be able to show the personalities that I don’t have through Daegil. It’s a new challenge for me.

TOP said if 10,000,000 people watch the movie, he’ll kiss 50 female audiences on the forehead!

Kim Yoon Seok (to TOP): If more than 5,000,000 people watch the movie, you should go enlist in the military~ *jokes*

TOP : For HwaTu(the card game), I learnt hand tricks from magicians and Tazza teachers

(Fill in the blank) “If over 5,000,000 people watch the movie, I’ll be ____”

TOP: I’ll be happy (joyful)

TOP: Since the Tazza series were loved by so many people, it was a burden at first. But the seniors gave me energy.

TOP: Shin Sekyung is really good at Hwatu. I can never beat her

SeKyung: Seunghyun-ssi owes me a lot of money *jokes*

TOP: I chose Tazza 2 b/c I thought the scenario was really interesting. The director & the senior actors gave me a sense of trust/confidence

Lee Honey talks about TOP

Source: @choigosh87, @utopia_871104, @Mr_t_1104, @avril_gdtop, as tagged – Translation from: @BIGBANGisVIP, @ShrimpLJY


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