BIGBANG’s TAEYANG said his family was the most thrilled to hear about the enthusiastic response shown to his solo track “EYES, NOSE, LIPS.”

At the TAEYANG X SEUNGRI Star Cast On held through Naver Line at 8 pm on July 4 in celebration of the 1st anniversary ofStar Cast, he commented, “My mother was most thrilled by the huge success of the album.”

He added, “My mother was especially very, very happy. Every time I see her so excited, I feel relieved that the song went really well.”

“I met SEUNGRI’s mother the other day and she sincerely congratulated me on my album, which was really moving. I would like to take this opportunity to thank her.”

TAEYANG is still carrying out the promotion for his 2nd full album “RISE.” Meanwhile, SEUNGRI had been highly praised for his very first acting when he played a character named Teddy on the recently ended SBS’s drama “Angel Eyes.”


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