26062014 Daesung reveals album jacket photos and track list for Japanese release ‘D’slove’

Album will release on July 16

Special Limited Edition set  (including CD+DVD+GOODS: flip flops)

BrCQs3ACQAAZSEJ tumblr_n7rkj5QV6y1qb2yato1_1280 tumblr_n7rkj5QV6y1qb2yato2_1280tumblr_n7rkj5QV6y1qb2yato3_r1_1280

Tracklist: ‘D’slove’ will include 10 tracks – “I Love You”, which was released as a special cover in 2013 and features famous violinist Taro Hakase, 4 tracks from his iTunes chart-topping album ‘Rainy Rainy’, “Awake and Alseep”, “Try Smiling”, and “Look at Me Gwisoon”.

Lyrics by Daesung 6 tracks, G-Dragon 2 tracks.






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