09012014 Scan Dae Sung@BIGBANG 2014 Season’s Greetings

BdIJoT9CIAELJFl BdIJh64CYAAnurV BdIJan_CQAEMq3N BdIJURMCQAA0nd2 BdIJInLCUAEsPbH Bc5qhgBCcAI46ue Bc5qepXCIAAHM15 Bc5qbzJCUAIXZ5n Bc5kaJbCcAAdK0E Bc5kW2CCYAAVRd0 Bc5kUUVCAAAlxER Bc5kQO7CAAAwi5Q Bc5eRxnCAAEfxzJ Bc5cn8iCAAAAFJO 1a81755d91ec13c0c56664d0c71e50d6_1388710705.2322 1a81755d91ec13c0c56664d0c71e50d6_1388710676.9836 1a81755d91ec13c0c56664d0c71e50d6_1388711504.8754 1a81755d91ec13c0c56664d0c71e50d6_1388711341.825 1a81755d91ec13c0c56664d0c71e50d6_1388711385.0402 1a81755d91ec13c0c56664d0c71e50d6_1388711404.1258 1a81755d91ec13c0c56664d0c71e50d6_1388711435.4156 1a81755d91ec13c0c56664d0c71e50d6_1388711439.1541

Source: @wheneverdaeseng, @daesonglife

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